Alumni Board

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The purpose of the Notre Dame Alumni Association is to foster and strengthen the relationship between Notre Dame Preparatory School & Marist Academy (NDPMA) and the alumni of Notre Dame Preparatory (NDP), Notre Dame High School (NDHS), Pontiac Catholic (PC), Oakland Catholic (OC), St. Frederick (SF), and St. Michael (SM); to preserve and promote the traditions and mission of the school(s); and to keep alive the spirit of affection and reverence for our alma mater.

The purpose of the Notre Dame Alumni Association Board of Directors is to:

  1. promote the spirit of alumni unity and camaraderie through communications and events;
  2. foster and develop alumni relationships;
  3. promote continued interest in, and financial support of, NDPMA; and
  4. promote the mission and vision of the school.

Board Members:

Bobbie Hall ’00 (NDP) Vice Chair
Jane Dika ’02 (NDP) Secretary
Dean Aldo '76 (Pontiac Catholic)
Molly Campbell '08 (NDP)
Brian Dooley ’85 (NDHS)
Meredith (Gifford) Scott ’02 (NDP)
Lisa Healy ’98 (NDP)
Patty Dean Phillips ’52 (SF)
Dan Staniszewski ’02 (NDP)
Amy Tkac ’02 (NDP)
Mike Kastler ’75 (NDHS)