Prayers for Alumni

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The Notre Dame Alumni Association publishes prayer requests for alumni and family members who are in need of prayer, including prayers for those who have died and those who are sick.

Notre Dame mourns the loss of Mark Adamo ND’76 who passed away on June 20, 2019. Please join us and his brothers J. Greg ND’78 and Paul ND’74 in prayer.

Notre Dame mourns the loss of Charles Merithew SM’58 who passed away on May 7, 2019.
Notre Dame mourns the loss of David Poprawski ND’69 who passed away on July 18, 2019.
Notre Dame mourns the loss of Samuel Hines who passed away on July 20, 2019. Please join us and his parents Matthew NDP’00 and his mom, Emily, in prayer.
Notre Dame mourns the loss of Dr. Matthew Heimbuch who passed away on August 4, 2019. Please join us and his daughter, Carson NDP’18, in prayer.
We pray for Bibi Lobo Somyak, the wife of Tom Somyak ND '76.
Dave Pierce ND'61 Brother of Donald ND'59 and the late John ND'64, uncle of John ND'89, Jeff ND'93 and Joe ND'95 4-18-19
Mark Gijsbers ND’72 Brother of Thomas ND’80 and Brian ND’77 2-18-19
Sharon Hemmens Mother of Sarah NDP’14 3-13-19
David Curcuru ND’69 Father of Mark ND’98 3-28-19
Marsha Healy Mother of Jeff NDP’98 (Lisa Syrowik Healy NDP’98), Tracey NDP’00 (Marty Rathsburg NDP’00) and Tim NDP’02. Grandmother of Katherine NDP’25 and Daniel NDP’27 3-31-19
Bradley Staeb Father of Shannon NDP’11 4-6-19
We pray for Ed Alef ND’63 who suffered a stroke, brother of Jim  ND’62 and Thomas ND’66.

Dennis and Dolores Lynch — It is with extreme sadness that we report that Dolores and Dennis Lynch ND’60, both long-time staff members at Notre Dame High School. Dennis and Dolores will be missed by our Notre Dame family. Please keep the Lynch family in your prayers in this difficult time.

Richard Martin Gerst, Father of Melissa NDP’00 and Katie NDP’02 1-28-19

Marilyn Calcaterra, Mother of Brian ND’83 1-24-19

Norbert Yager, Father of Eric ND'82 1-16-19

Gladys Kozyra, Grandmother of Bill NDP’03 and Lauren NDP’05 1-16-19

William Cosgrove, Father of Bill ND’83 12-5-18

David Ignagni, Father of Michael NDP’16 and Isabella NDP’18 12-30-18

Andy Pizzuti, Brother of Fred ND’73 and Al ND’74 3-20-18 

Steve Wylie, Father of Caitlin Wylie Niederer NDP'06 6-4-18. Husband of Sue, who was a teacher at NDP and chair of the Science department.

Jeff Romero ’87 (PC), brother of Jay ’85 (PC) 3-29-18

Paul Sick ‘60 (NDHS) 6-30-18

Patricia Zuby, mother of Matthew ’01 (NDP) and Jessica ’04 (NDP) 8-3-18

Deacon Gary Krueger, taught at Notre Dame High School; father of Steve '87 (NDHS) 7-23-18

James Navetta ’67 (NDHS), brother of Robert ’64 (NDHS) 8-15-18

John F. Sobetski Jr. dad of John Sobetski ’75 (NDHS), Jerry Sobetski ’77 (NDHS), Tom Sobetski ’78 (NDHS), Dave Sobetski ’79 (NDHS), Ron Sobetski ’80 (NDHS), Jim Sobetski ’81 (NDHS), Charles Sobetski ’83 (NDHS), Chris Sobetski ’85 (NDHS) and Steve Sobetski (’86 NDHS). Due to a stroke, he passed away peacefully surrounded by his entire family on November 10, 2018. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Prayers for the family of Laura Cadieux, who lost her battle with cancer in February 2018. She was the sister of Michael Kocis '74 (NDHS) and Robert Kocis '75 (NDHS).

Please pray for Edward Alef '63 (NDHS). He suffered a stroke. Edward is the brother of Tom Alef '66 (NDHS).

Honorable Martin J. Smith, father of Kevin ’74 (NDHS) and Tim ’79 (NDHS) passed away in September 2016. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Please pray for Paul Vago '66 (NDHS). He is recovering from a stroke.

Please pray for Chuck Tourangeau '68 (NDHS). His wife, Wendy, passed away. Please click here for the visitation and Mass schedule.

John Stencel, Jr., grandfather of Katrina Stencel '11 (NDP) and Kayla Stencel '15 (NDP), passed away on February 20, 2017. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Trish St. Louis, mother of Anne St. Louis '01 (NDP), passed away. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Please keep Jeff Patrus ’89 (NDHS) in your prayers.

Please pray for Mary Pobutsky the step-daughter of Dr. Ron Kolito ’59 (NDHS) and sister of Stephen Pobutsky ’76 (NDHS). She died from cancer. She was 56.

If you would like to request that someone be added to our prayer list, please email Beth Campbell at

*Please be certain that the person(s) for whom you are requesting prayers has approved that his/her name and prayer request be published. We strive to respect everyone's privacy and personal matters.