Annual Report

2016-17 Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy Annual Report

When we were kicking around themes for this year’s annual report, there were many ideas and suggestions put forward, some of which we’ve actually used years ago and some we wouldn’t go anywhere near. 
One suggestion, however, just seemed to fit perfectly.
Welcome to a “Window into a World of Education,” which we hope will provide the means to give our generous donors a quick peek at some of what goes on during a typical school day at Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy.
Oftentimes when supporting a nonprofit, donors wonder about where or how — or perhaps especially, who — their dollars are actually benefiting. When a gift goes to NDPMA, whether it’s in the form of talent, time or treasure, those who benefit directly are Notre Dame students, all 1,000+ of them who spend a good majority of their own time within our walls.
But you still might wonder. . . why should I continue to give to The Notre Dame Fund, and really, how does it benefit my child?
We in the advancement office like to use the expression, “once for every student, every day,” which means that by making one annual donation “once” each school year, a donor makes everything Notre Dame possible: once for our four theatre productions; once for our 150+ courses across the curriculum; once for music across all three divisions; once for our skilled, committed and professional teachers; once for our 40+ sports and 60+ teams; once for campus ministry, service and faith-formation; once for Notre Dame’s 60+ clubs, activities and student organizations; and once for the more than 150 families who get the financial boost they need to come to Notre Dame.
For those of you who have generously given to NDPMA, thank you! You have improved the lives of more than 1,000 young people by helping them become Christian people, upright citizens and academic scholars. You might even recognize some of them on the following pages. But don’t just peek in our windows — spend a couple of hours in our school — it really is the best way to experience how your dollars benefit one of southeast Michigan’s best private schools. In the meantime, we invite you to browse through our annual report and see for yourself both our generous donors and the beneficiaries of that generosity.