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Bevs Day – June 6, 2018

June 6, 2018 is #BevsDay

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Raised: $14,550 Goal: $15,000
Last updated: Tuesday, June 12, 8:45 a.m.

Beverly Williams taught at Notre Dame from 1999 until her untimely passing in 2009. She was loved by faculty and staff, parents, and students for her energy, compassion, generosity, and infectious sense of humor. Bev taught Sociology, Psychology, and AP Psychology.


Bev’s generosity also included a strong commitment to scholarships and financial aid for Notre Dame families. She made annual donations and dedicated part of every check to helping families afford our school. Everyone who knew Bev recognized her passion for our school and the doors it can open for students. #BevsDay honors Bev and hopes to open doors for students by helping their families with tuition assistance.

In honor of Bev and her generous spirit, Notre Dame and the Williams family ask you to participate in our third #BevsDay4MarysWay. The donations to #BevsDay support Mary’s Way within The Notre Dame Fund — the “way” for financial aid and scholarships at Notre Dame.  Help us honor Bev by:

  1. Making a gift online at www.ndpma.org/BevsDay
  2. Sharing the news of your gift on social media with #BevsDay4MarysWay, #BevsDayOpensDoors and #BevsDay4StudentAid
  3. Encourage others to give by tagging your friends and family
  4. Laugh, love, and live like Bev!