Accounting 1 and 2
10 11 12

This course exposes students to Accounting for Service Business as a Proprietorship, Merchandising Business Organized as a Corporation, and Accounting procedures. As an entry level course, it is designed to provide the career oriented business student with background concepts and understanding of accounting principles.  Major topics include:  debit and credit, journalizing transactions, posting to ledgers, cash control systems, service business, and merchandising business organized as a corporation. We use the online software Aplia, which is the online multicolumn journal along with the textbook, which is also available online.

11 12

Students will be introduced to the many facets of business including human resources, management, accounting, advertising, sales, and marketing.  In addition, students will learn the basics of starting and running their own successful small business.
(PREREQUISITE: Fundamentals of Computer Science)