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Counseling (9-12)


mary_fallDeveloping good Christian persons, upright citizens and academic scholars, the Notre Dame Preparatory School Guidance and Counseling Department provides comprehensive, coordinated services including age-appropriate academic, personal, and career counseling while focusing on the individual student.

Career profiling for juniors and seniors (with PSAT code)
College visitation questions
Scholarship help

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Mon.-Fri., 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Ph:  248-373-9649       
Fax: 248-373-8024    
NDP School CEEB Code: 233-040

Naviance:  www.connection.naviance.com/ndps

Twitter: Follow @NDP_Counseling

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  • Academic Advising
  • ACT Prep Workshops (Feb.-Apr.)
  • College & Career Counseling
  • College & Scholarship Applications
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Informal Presentations
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Naviance Guidance
  • Parent Informal and Formal Meetings
  • Personal Counseling
  • Program Organization
  • Responsive Services
  • Student Interviews & Individual Mtgs.
  • Summer Institute
  • Test Coordinators
  • Tutoring Referrals
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Jamie Rodda
Freshmen / Sophomores

Stacy Golliff
Freshmen / Sophomores


Jason Whalen


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*  Make sure to check Naviance and add your college selections.

*  Make sure you keep a list of all your scholarships you have been awarded.

*  Sign up on Naviance for any college rep visits.


*  Sign up on Naviance for any college rep visits.

Go to www.actstudent.org to sign up for ACT and to see a schedule of upcoming dates (our CEEB code is 233-040).

*  Juniors should register and take the ACT and/or SAT at least once prior to Senior year.

WHY TAKE THE ACT?   Click Here.

To register for the ACT test, go to: www.actstudent.org  

For SAT, go to: www.collegeboard.com

    NDP is a national ACT testing site (code 201480).

    Use NDP school CEEB code 233-040 when registering for the ACT.

    Winter and Spring breaks as well as days off throughout the year can be excellent opportunities to visit your prospective colleges. Schedule your visits at least two weeks in advance.

Juniors and their parents: Opportunities for admission are often directly related to student academic performance and proper early preparation. Your counselor can be a good resource for you. Take a look at the "Junior to do list" for general guidelines. www.ndpma.org/drupal/webfm_send/4725. Helpful links and information regarding college and ACT preparation have been posted on Naviance. Students will be receiving additional information during their individual interviews with their counselor.

*   The college application process can be overwhelming and confusing especially to first time Junior parents. Come find out what colleges and your students are not telling you about their applications. We are here to help! The Counselors are continuing to make themselves available for small group meetings. Individual appointments are also available. Parents who would like some information and guidance on the application process, Naviance, Scholarship and financial aid info, would like some specific questions answered, or just would like to get to know their student's counselor a little better, should contact Mrs. Pizzo in the counseling office at 248-373-9649 to check on meeting availability. Having smaller groups of parents allows us to provide a more personal atmosphere and allow plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered.

Juniors and Sophomores… Many universities offer some sort of pre-college summer camps, providing students with an opportunity to explore various career fields and develop leadership skills.  Consider doing a summer camp, job shadowing, internship, or part time job in the career field of your interest.  This experience may make you more desirable to college admission representatives.  Check out this link for additional info

Summer Enrichment Programs


Self-management classroom presentation topics throughout the 2nd semester included:
  • How to select classes for Junior year, AP and IB.
  • Began career exploration with "Career Cluster Finder" under the "Careers" tab in Naviance. Introduction to O*Net website for additional career exploration and information www.onetonline.org
  • Completion of the "Do What You Are" personality test on Naviance during the May self-management presentations, emphasizing connections to career and college preferences and understanding others.
  • Introduction to their new counselor, who will be assisting them Junior and Senior years.
During the Freshman Day on May 24, all freshman had the opportunity to work on preparations for final exams with subject area teachers for two separate 45 minute sessions. All 9th graders also attended a reflection on values led by Campus Ministry, an informational session on the Personal Project led by Mel Archer, and participated in team building activities on the field. 
Self-management classroom presentation topics throughout the 2nd semester included:
  • Starting a resume on Naviance (under the "About Me" tab). Add volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, achievements, etc. Students were instructed to update their resume at least once per semester to keep track of activities and accomplishments for college applications and to apply for summer jobs, for example.
  • How to select courses for sophomore year
  • Completing the "Strengths Explorer" on Naviance
  • Overview of what a transcript looks like and the information it contains. Emphasized evidence of challenging coursework (honors, AP, IB courses if appropriate), upward trend or consistently strong grades, and cumulative GPA.
  • Discussed the basics of what goes into a college application. Emphasized importance of excellent conduct, work ethic, and building relationships to get the best teacher recommendations.