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Counseling (9-12)


mary_fallDeveloping good Christian persons, upright citizens and academic scholars, the Notre Dame Preparatory School Guidance and Counseling Department provides comprehensive, coordinated services including age-appropriate academic, personal, and career counseling while focusing on the individual student.

Career profiling for juniors and seniors (with PSAT code)
College visitation questions
Scholarship help

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Mon.-Fri., 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Ph:  248-373-9649       
Fax: 248-373-8024    
NDP School CEEB Code: 233-040

Naviance:  www.connection.naviance.com/ndps

Twitter: Follow @NDP_Counseling

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  • Academic Advising
  • ACT Prep Workshops (Feb.-Apr.)
  • College & Career Counseling
  • College & Scholarship Applications
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Informal Presentations
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Naviance Guidance
  • Parent Informal and Formal Meetings
  • Personal Counseling
  • Program Organization
  • Responsive Services
  • Student Interviews & Individual Mtgs.
  • Summer Institute
  • Test Coordinators
  • Tutoring Referrals
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Jamie Rodda
Freshmen / Sophomores

Stacy Golliff
Freshmen / Sophomores


Jason Whalen


Margie Willis Bond


Vlado Salic


Wendy Pizzo


*  Make sure to check Naviance and add your college selections.

*  Make sure you keep a list of all your scholarships you have been awarded.

*  Sign up on Naviance for any college rep visits.


*  Sign up on Naviance for any college rep visits.

Go to www.actstudent.org to sign up for ACT and to see a schedule of upcoming dates (our CEEB code is 233-040).

*  Juniors should register and take the ACT and/or SAT at least once prior to Senior year.

WHY TAKE THE ACT?   Click Here.

To register for the ACT test, go to: www.actstudent.org  

For SAT, go to: www.collegeboard.com

    NDP is a national ACT testing site (code 201480).

    Use NDP school CEEB code 233-040 when registering for the ACT.

    Winter and Spring breaks as well as days off throughout the year can be excellent opportunities to visit your prospective colleges. Schedule your visits at least two weeks in advance.

Juniors and their parents: Opportunities for admission are often directly related to student academic performance and proper early preparation. Your counselor can be a good resource for you. Take a look at the "Junior to do list" for general guidelines. www.ndpma.org/drupal/webfm_send/4725. Helpful links and information regarding college and ACT preparation have been posted on Naviance. Students will be receiving additional information during their individual interviews with their counselor.

*   The college application process can be overwhelming and confusing especially to first time Junior parents. Come find out what colleges and your students are not telling you about their applications. We are here to help! The Counselors are continuing to make themselves available for small group meetings. Individual appointments are also available. Parents who would like some information and guidance on the application process, Naviance, Scholarship and financial aid info, would like some specific questions answered, or just would like to get to know their student's counselor a little better, should contact Mrs. Pizzo in the counseling office at 248-373-9649 to check on meeting availability. Having smaller groups of parents allows us to provide a more personal atmosphere and allow plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered.

Juniors and Sophomores… Many universities offer some sort of pre-college summer camps, providing students with an opportunity to explore various career fields and develop leadership skills.  Consider doing a summer camp, job shadowing, internship, or part time job in the career field of your interest.  This experience may make you more desirable to college admission representatives.  Check out this link for additional info

Summer Enrichment Programs


Sophomore Self-Management Presentations
     The Self-Management Team presents to Sophomores on block periods rotating through different subject areas each time.  The purpose of our visits is to give suggestions we have learned from previous students' experience to help students manage stress before getting too overwhelmed or tips to use to manage stress once already overwhelmed.  These are "take what you need" presentations covering a variety of topics.
Discussed on 11/16 & 11/17:
-Beginning your college search. Importance of fit: finding colleges that are a good match for you based on your interests, abilities, values, goals, and social/academic preferences.
-Reminder to start touring colleges
-Sophomores received a gold handout titled Beginning Your College Searchwith questions to help students determine their preferences, as well as the following items to keep in mind:
-Do not wait on starting your college search because you’re not sure what you’re going to major in/choose for a career. Begin your search now, so that you have plenty of time to consider all options.
-Do not use tuition cost as a limiting factor in this beginning phase of the college search. The actual out-of-pocket cost of attending the university of your choice is going to depend on a lot of factors. 
-A student’s motivation, ambition, and work ethic are #1 indicators of attaining admission to highly regarded degree programs and employability after completion of degree.
-On Naviance, sophomores were shown step-by-step how to perform a college search using the “SuperMatch College Search” link under the “Colleges” tab. Students began creating their potential list of colleges from the list of results by clicking “Add to colleges I’m thinking about.”  Have them share it with you.  
-On Naviance, sophomores were shown again how to add items to their Resume that they started last year. Update any activities, awards, service since last log-in.
-Highly suggested books:
Bruni, Frank. Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania. New York: Grand Central, 2015. 
O'Connor, Patrick. College Is Yours 2.0: Preparing, Applying and Paying for Colleges Perfect for You. Denver, CO: Outskirts, 2011.
Pope, Loren. Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think about Colleges. New York, NY: Penguin, 2012
-Reminder to email Mrs. Rodda A-L (jrodda@ndpma.org) or Mrs. Golliff M-Z (sgolliff@ndpma.org) anytime.
Discussed on 9/21 & 9/22:

-Refreshed memory of Freshman Self-Management topics such as prioritizing to-do list, tablet organization, Calendar/planner, digital study space, minimizing distractions, Naviance Learning Style Inventory, Naviance Resume
-Discussed handout "Preparing for College -10th grade" Please ask your student what they felt they needed to focus on this year, if any.  
-Passed out Michigan College Guide, told them to share it with you.  
-Reminder to email Mrs. Rodda A-L (jrodda@ndpma.org) or Mrs. Golliff M-Z (sgolliff@ndpma.org) anytime.

Freshmen Self-Management Presentations
     The Self-Management Team presents to Freshmen on most block periods rotating through different subject areas each time.  The purpose of our visits is to give suggestions we have learned from previous students' experience to help students manage stress before getting too overwhelmed or tips to use to manage stress once already overwhelmed.  These are "take what you need" presentations covering a variety of topics.

Is your student easily distracted on the tablet?  
​This powerpoint (Attachedhas useful tips and strategies to help your student create the optimum digital study space to avoid and minimize distractions to focus and get work done.
Discussed on 11/2 & 11/3:
-Ms. York and Mr. Porterfield helped us present on Tablet Organization.
-Pinned and organized useful tiles for school to start menu and task bar. 
-Created specific folders in OneDrive or Google Drive so no one should be saving documents on their tablet anymore.  If they lose their tablet or it breaks they have access to their work on any device through OneDrive or Google Drive.
-Emphasized being specific and detailed when naming assignments: your name, class, assignment title, NOT "Essay 1." No more issues of turning in the wrong assignment.  
Bookmarked in Chrome NDP email, Haiku, Net classroom, Naviance and other useful sites: Study blue, Quia, Khan Academy, Quizlet, E-books/Shelf-it
-Showed app Office Lens so they can scan their worksheets as a live document to work on rather than a photo.  Never lose a paper again.  Scan it after they complete the assignment and if they lose it or teacher says never received it they don't have to redo the work.
Discussed on 10/18 & 10/20:
-College admissions representatives from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Wellesley, and University of Virginia shared at a workshop Monday 10/17 that to prepare 9th and 10th graders the best way for their caliber of college is to teach them to tame anxiety, stress management, and explore their many college options. 
-Used Prioritizing Handout to rank the order of importance according to their own value and compare it to how much actual time each takes up in their life. 
-Reflected what need to do to keep things prioritized and in perspective.  
-Reviewed ways to approach their to-do list for most efficient, time management for healthy balance. 
Discussed on 10/5 & 10/6:
-Introduced to Naviance: program that they will use for self-inventories, college and career exploration, resume, letters of recommendation, transcript requests, college applications
-Students must use THEIR Netclassroom login and password, not their parents' 
-Took the Learning Style Inventory: please have your student share their results with you.  This is how their brain studies to its best ability to handle their workload most efficiently
-Passed out Study Tips Handout.
-Shared information about upcoming All-School Testing Day 10/19/16, Freshmen taking ASPIRE (practice ACT), will take PSAT (practice SAT) as Sophomores.  Come in dress code, be on time (7:30), no make-up tests, leave everything in locker except pencils and calculator.  
-Reminder to email Mrs. Rodda A-L (jrodda@ndpma.org) or Mrs. Golliff M-Z (sgolliff@ndpma.org) anytime.  
Discussed on 9/7 & 9/8:
-Adjusted Haiku notifications so that when a teacher posts an announcement the student can get the notification instantly via email rather than it coming the next day at 3:00pm
-Reminders for students to check their Haiku, Netclassroom, and school email daily at least, while parents should be checking once a week to increase student responsibility and independence. 
-Discussed Naviance, program used for many things throughout NDP career, will be utilized regularly throughout Freshmen year for inventories to better know self. 
-If have multiple tests scheduled in one day, politely and charmingly speak with teachers about it or email Mrs. Rodda or Mrs. Golliff asap (not night before) so we can discuss with teachers.
-Discussed handout "How to Avoid Common Freshman Pitfalls." Please ask your student what they felt they needed to focus on this year, if any. 
-Taught a simple, effective breathing exercise.  Please ask your student to teach it to you to help them recall the technique but also to try it out yourself. 
-Reminder to email Mrs. Rodda A-L (jrodda@ndpma.org) or Mrs. Golliff M-Z (sgolliff@ndpma.org) anytime.