Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship Video:

School Mission Statement:

Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy provides its diverse student body a Catholic and internationally recognized college-preparatory experience of lasting value. We affirm our Marist mission to “Work with God to form Christian People, Upright Citizens and Academic Scholars.

Technology Mission Statement:

To facilitate the integration of effective, existing and emerging technologies leading to global collaboration, digital citizenship and academic scholars. To support teachers with the 21st century technology skills in order to encourage a multi-media technology curriculum enhancing innovative and higher level student learning.

Digital Citizenship at Notre Dame Preparatory and Marist Academy:

Being a 1:1 school students are using their devices constantly to enrich their learning.  At Notre Dame Preparatory and Marist Academy students are encouraged to utilize their device and other technologies for their learning. With that, students need to understand they need to make good choices while using technology. This involves using higher order thinking skills. In order for students to make good choices they need to be aware and have the knowledge of being a good digital citizen online.

Students at our Lower Division grades (JK – 5) learn about Digital Citizenship in their Technology classes.  At the Middle Division grades (6-8) students learn about Digital Citizenship in their Design classes. The High School students learn about Digital Citizenship in their English classes where they have a curriculum to follow within our Learning Management System (PowerSchool Learning).

The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship:

The Nine elements of digital citizenship by Mike Ribble help guides students to make good choices online.  Click on the link to find out more about the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship.

Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents: