Please pray for our active and veteran Alumni in the U.S. Armed Forces
Notre Dame Prep
Notre Dame High School

Pontiac Catholic

Staff Sergeant Carl Schmidt '01, United States Marine Corps

Raymond W. Zess '58, "I Served for Oct of 1958 to Oct of 1968, Ten Years in the Marine Corps and survived Vietnam."

Dave Wehr ’69, 
Air Force
Trip Reimann ’02 1LT, Army National Guard
Matt Stalmach ’08 Navy

Sarah Burns '07, Naval Academy

Ron Rutkfoski '60, Navy Veteran
Keegan Rasmussen '07, US Army William Kay ’61 M/Sgt USAF (retired)  
Evan Hendler '09, R.O.T.C Marine

Steve Chetcuti '98

Sarah Huston ’09, MIDN 3/C USN

Clarence Barrett '00, Air Force Veteran

William Kaniut ’09, Cadet 3rd Class, USAF ROTC

Captain Matthew E. Wernert '00, US Army

Nick Hafner ’10 USAF (cadet)    

Chris Burns ’10, Navy

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