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The Big Three
January 10, 2019

Usually, when you hear of the “big three” in Detroit, your mind doesn’t go to education. It goes toward the automotive industry. But for purposes today, I would like to elaborate on my big three priorities that were shared with parents at the beginning of the school year. Those big three are:

  1. Health and wellness of the student body
  2. Safe and inclusive environment
  3. Academic excellence

I could probably write a book on what each of these items means for our students and I expect to post blogs on each of the priorities over the coming months. For now, I will just give brief thoughts on what each of those elements mean to me. 

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New Year’s Mass Address to Students
January 7, 2019

Head of School Andy Guest spoke to the student body after Liturgy of the Epiphany today.

The beginning of a new year and a new semester is an opportunity to start fresh. It’s a chance to change who you are in a positive way. Change is not always easy. We often get stuck in old habits. Sometimes we have trouble changing because the prospect of change feels overwhelming. Sometimes we worry about what our friends will think if we change too much.  But, our Christian faith, calls us to be agents of change. If we want the world to be a better place, we need to make it that way. And if we want Notre Dame to be a better school, we need to make it that way. And the way we change and the way we make our school and the world a better place is by taking small steps in the right direction.

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