Irish Week Challenge – Who’s Your Champion — March 17 -22, 2019

Irish Week Challenge: "Who's Your Champion" – March 17-22, 2019

Help us celebrate Irish Week, our longest standing tradition, by honoring the “Champions” of Notre Dame!

The Notre Dame Fund’s Irish Week Challenge provides you an opportunity to support our mission and honor the faculty, staff, coaches and mentors who have made Notre Dame such a special place for young people.

With your gift, your Champion will be honored:

  • With a Champions letter and notes from the online gift form
  • In IRISH magazine and next year’s annual report
  • On our social media channels

The Notre Dame Fund’s Irish Week Challenge 2019 “Champions”:

Melissa Archer
John Barbee
Kathy Bembas
Margarita Billings
Anthony Borton
Jake Breckenridge
Beth Campbell
Kathy Downs
Sandy Favrow
Pat Fox
Julie Frakes
Gretchen Glick
Fr. Joe Hindelang
Duane Holmes
Brandon Jezdimir
Norm Kotarski
Sandy LewAllen
Kyle Lilek
Nadine Loria
Denise Mahoney
Joe Martin
Kathleen McCaffrey
Mark McCaskey
Susan McGinnis
Tina McLaughlin
Amy McLeod
Mark Murphy
Heidi Newby
David Osiecki
Kala Parker
Kelly Patterson
Lauren Raleigh
Jamie Rodda
Vlado Salic
Katrina Sagert
LeAnne Schmidt
Gregory Simon
Kelly Simon
Susan “Toz” Toczylowski
Jason Whalen
Rick Winiarski
Jennette Wrobel
Jessica Yauch
Courtney Younan
Cathy Zuccaro

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