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New St. Peter Chanel Society members and increased giving highlight successful SPCS Membership Week.

Last week, Notre Dame conducted its first St. Peter Chanel Society membership drive of the year. The SPCS is comprised of leadership donors making annual gifts of $1,000 or more to The Notre Dame Fund. Through their annual contributions, members provide the school with the resources necessary to fulfill the school's mission to form Christian people, upright citizens and academic scholars.

"Thank you to everyone who took part in our drive," said Atif Lodhi, director of The Notre Dame Fund. "Our goal was 20 new members, and while we fell a little short of our goal, we were encouraged by those who did join and by those who increased their annual Notre Dame Fund gift!"

     • Fifteen new St. Peter Chanel Society members
     • Six members who renewed their St. Peter Chanel Society membership
     • More than $29,000 raised during Membership Week

"We hope you consider joining the St. Peter Chanel Society before year's end," said Lodhi. "It makes an enormous impact on the daily life of a Notre Dame student. 

If you have any questions regarding the St. Peter Chanel Society, please email Atif Lodhi at or Gregory Simon at

St. Peter Chanel Society update: 

The following became new members in the St. Peter Chanel Society (as of Dec. 20, 2017):

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Stacey
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Kostiz
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Lorenz '89 (NDHS)
Mr. Salvatore Vanadia and Ms. Jennifer Thomas
Mr. Raymond W. Zess '58 (NDHS)
Mr. Brian J. Roehl '73 (NDHS)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bokshan
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. VanDieren
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Moran '89 (NDHS)
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Stacey
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Edmonds '87 (NDHS)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chabot
Mr. James R. Zimmerman '55 (SF)
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Milliken

The following donors renewed their St. Peter Chanel Society membership this year (as of Dec. 20, 2017):

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Knutson
Dr. and Mrs. Fabian L. Fregoli '89 (NDHS)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rankin
Santa Maria Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brisley
Dr. Herminia and Dr. Timothy Bierema
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Borgiel
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Judd, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Inacio Moriguchi
Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Patterson
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Tashjian
Mrs. Sandra J. and Mr. Roger J. Favrow
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley P. Seitzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lintol
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brouns
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Rice '81 (NDHS)
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Plas
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Beaudoin
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lytle
Mr. Gerard Housey '77 (NDHS)
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Brickley
The Henry E. Haller, Jr. Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hubbard
Dr. and Dr. Edward J. Lis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schmit
The Michael F. McManus Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Domagalski
Mr. Carl Anderson and Ms. Michelle Howley
Mrs. Doris J. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Scheessele
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Palardy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heaman
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lytle
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Neiheisel

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