MYP Programme Summary

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), for students in grades 6-10, provides a curriculum framework that allows participants to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes they need to be effective in a world of increasing globalism.  The fundamental concepts that organize and shape the MYP are: holistic learning, which connects subject knowledge and grade levels; effective communication, including language acquisition; and intercultural and global awareness. In the MYP, teachers organize the curriculum collaboratively, designing and implementing a concept-driven curriculum. (MYP brochure)

MYP Programme Features

  • Eight content areas:  Language and Literature, Mathematics, Individuals and Societies (including Religion), Science, Performing and Visual Arts, Language Acquisition (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese), Physical Education and Health, and Design
  • Interdisciplinary learning breaks down artificial barriers enabling students to discover relationships between knowledge areas and the real world
  • Student-centered, interactive learning replaces lectures with independent and collaborative learning, problem-solving activities, hands-on experimentation, organized debates, analysis, investigation and reflection
  • Learner Profile attributes infuse the curriculum and enhance development of an internationally-minded critical and creative thinker and lifelong learner
  • Intercultural and international curriculum framework enhances global awareness and understanding
  • Service and action within the community through real-world experiences
  • Focused and frequent criterion-referenced assessments of student skills and knowledge; formative assessments are completed throughout instruction, and summative assessments at the end of instruction

MYP Subject Overviews

MYP Benefits

The MYP,  like the PYP and DP Programmes, aims to “develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” The MYP teaches students how to evaluate information critically while promoting active participation and responsible citizenship in an ever changing world. And with the Middle Years Programme, we continue to maintain the high academic standards for which we are recognized.

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