The Notre Dame Fund


ONCE for Every Student, Every Day. By making an annual donation once each school year, you make everything Notre Dame possible.
Once for our four theatre productions.
Once for our 150+ courses across the curriculum.
Once for music across all three divisions.
Once for our skilled, committed, and professional teachers.
Once for our 40+ sports and 60+ teams.
Once for campus ministry, service, and faith-formation.
Once for 60+ clubs, activities, and student organizations.
Once for the 150+ families getting the boost they need to come to Notre Dame.

Once to the “way” of your choosing and you improve the lives of more than 1100 young people by helping them become Christian People, Upright Citizens, and Academic Scholars.

Just Once.

Where Notre Dame needs it most

While you are welcome to direct your gift to one of the funds “ways,” Notre Dame’s needs change throughout the year. Therefore, unrestricted gifts give the school the flexibility to address needs as they arise and are among the most impactful the school receives.

Artists Way

Students at Notre Dame are challenged to build their knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the fine and performing arts. Few areas of learning offer a better opportunity to apply knowledge and explore a student’s potential like the fine and performing arts. Your gift to the Artists Way supports Notre Dame’s wonderful visual arts, music, choir, band, and theatre programs.

Citizens Way

Students at Notre Dame are challenged to be truly well-rounded by working creatively and collaboratively in robotics, student council, and more than 50 other leadership and service groups. A gift to the Citizens Way supports programs focused on the development of communication, creativity, leadership, and a willingness to contribute to the lives of others.

Irish Way

Student development includes a healthy body and mind. For this reason, Notre Dame encourages students to maintain their physical health and develop the skills necessary to work with a team by participating in athletics. A gift to the Irish Way helps support the dynamic athletic programs at all levels of Notre Dame.

Mary's Way

Mary often worked quietly while positioning others for a life of good work through Jesus. Notre Dame hopes to carry on in Mary’s Way by providing students access to a Notre Dame education through scholarships and financial aid. A gift to Mary’s Way provides much needed financial support to need-based and merit-based scholarships to Notre Dame.

Scholars Way

The signature line of students at Notre Dame is “cool to be smart.” In partnership with their teachers, students create an atmosphere that embraces knowledge, critical thinking, and intellectual growth.  A gift to the Scholars Way supports our community’s strong commitment to academic scholarship by helping to fund academic programs, instructional resources, and professional development.


The St. Peter Chanel Society (SPCS) is comprised of leadership donors making annual gifts of $1,000-$25,000 to The Notre Dame Fund. Through their annual contributions, members provide the school with the resources necessary to fulfill our mission to form Christian People, Upright Citizens, and Academic Scholars.

The Notre Dame Fund for this school year is working to raise $600,000 for today’s students. While gifts of every level will be important, SPCS membership gifts will play a central role in reaching our goal of $600,000:

1 gift in the Ven. Jean-Claude Colin Circle: $25,000
1 gift in the St. Marcellin Champagnat Circle: $15,000
15 gifts in the Our Lady of Lourdes Circle: $10,000
25 gifts in the St. Joseph Circle: $5,000
25 gifts in the St. Anne Circle: $2,500
100 gifts in Society of Mary Circle: $1,000

If you would like to join the St. Peter Chanel Society or want to learn more about the society, please feel free to contact Gregory Simon at 248-373-2171 ext: 5 or