NDP Marching Band

Course Expectations 2018-2019

Marching / Symphonic Band

Mr. Joe Martin – Director

Course Description 

Marching / Symphony Band offers all interested students who play a woodwind, brass, percussion, or color guard an opportunity to study and perform a wide variety of music. Maintaining bandsmanship requires preparedness, class participation, home practice, and concert participation. Students will perform in concerts, festivals, recitals and appearances within the community.

Band focuses on: 

  • Producing and recognizing a good tone.
  • Developing good practice habits
  • Rhythm development
  • Listening Skills
  • Music Appreciation
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Performing
  • Proper Etiquette 


Students are expected to adhere to the NDP policy of Academic Honesty and Code of Conduct, as outlined in the Notre Dame Prep. Student/Parent Handbook.

“Work with God to form Christian People, Upright Citizens and Academic Scholars."

Rehearsal Expectations

1.       Be at rehearsals on time.  On time means: be in the band room before the bells rings
          and in your seat three minutes after the bell.  Students not in their place will be marked

2.       Come to class prepared.  You must have your instrument, tablet and stylus.

3.       Place backpacks out of the way and cases under your seat so no one will trip over them.

4.       Reed players should have at least 3 reeds in their case.  Brass players should clean/oil
          valves before rehearsal begins. Percussionist need to bring their own snare sticks.

5.       Set your instrument tuning slide to where it was after the last rehearsal, then retune.

6.       Sit in your assigned seat or position.

6.       Warm up intelligently.

7.       Play only your assigned part or part assigned by the instructor.

8.       Have instruments in playing position when conductor's hands are up. 

9.       When the conductor stops conducting, stop playing immediately.

10.     Do not leave your seat/position after rehearsal begins.

11.     Avoid playing between selections.

12.     Limit your talking during rehearsals when the conductor is offering instruction. 

13.     If you have a question, please raise your hand.

14.    No studying/reading/homework of other subjects in band.

15.     If you need your instrument repaired, see Mr. Martin or Mr. Milewski. 
          If possible, this should take place before or after rehearsals.

16.     No food (gum, candy, pop) of any kind in rehearsal or storage area.

17.     Put your instrument in your case correctly. Put it in your locker or on the correct self.
          Do not leave your instrument or case on the floor.

18.     Help keep the band room clean.

19.     The director will dismiss you, not the bell.  The director will dismiss you 3 minutes
          before the bell rings. 

20.     Pick up your instrument after school before 3:00PM. The band room will be locked at 4:00 everyday. It is expected that you will practice, at least 15 minutes, every day.

Attendance Policy:

Performances occur after an extensive rehearsal period, usually of several weeks. It gives the students an opportunity to showcase all of the skills they have acquired during that rehearsal period. Since band requires cooperation and group effort, students who miss performances affect all the others in the group. Each student is important! It is, therefore, of utmost importance to attend all performances.

An absence from a performance will be considered excused only if all the following criteria are met:

I.​       The absence is due to personal sickness (with a doctor’s note), a death in the family,

a family wedding, or special needs as approved by a doctor. 

II.​      Mr. Martin is given written parental notice no later than two weeks prior to the performance, except in the case of an emergency.

Any absence by a student for reasons other than those listed above shall be considered unexcused. Any unexcused absence from a performance will result in the lowering of the student’s final grade by one letter grade.

**Work related absences are not excused.                     

**Transportation problems are not excused. Make arrangements with those near you. 

**Vacation related absences are not excused.

Please use the Notification of Absences form to alert Mr. Martin of emergencies requiring an absence or tardy. Mr. Martin will give you the form.

Concert Expectations

  1. Students must arrive at the designated call time. 
  2. Students must be in proper concert attire. When in public, students must be in full uniform. 
  3. Students must have all materials necessary to perform. 
  4. Students must display competency in their performance. 
  5. Everyone must be respectful during performances, i.e. do not leave during a performance, do not talk during a performance, do not distract others from the performance.
  6. Students must stay in their designated area when not performing.
  7. Everyone is expected to stay for the entire concert.
  8. Each infraction will constitute by lowering one letter grade. 

Grading Policy:

Students will be graded in four areas:

Participation​ 30% (Positive attitude, prepared for class, having all required supplies)

Quizzes / Tests​ 15% (Written and performed)

Concerts and Events​ 30%

Final Exam ​25% (Written Theory/Developmental Workbook/Scales)


                           B+   87-89            C+   77-79             D+   67-69

A    93-100           B     83-86            C     73-76            D     63-66

A-   90-92             B-    80-82            C-   70-72             D-    60-62

Students are evaluated according to the MYP criteria:

A: Knowledge and Understanding

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the music form studied in relation to societal, cultural, historical and personal contexts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the elements of the music studied.
  • Communicate a critical understanding of the music studied in the context of their own musical compositions.

B: Application

  • Develop an idea, theme or personal interpretation to a point of realization, expressing and communicating their artistic intentions.
  • Apply skills, techniques and processes to create and perform music.

C: Reflection and Evaluation

  • Reflect critically on their own musical development and processes at different stages of their work.
  • Evaluate their work.
  • Use feedback to inform their own artistic development and processes.

D: Personal Engagement

  • Show commitment in using their own artistic processes.
  • Demonstrate curiosity, self-motivation, initiative and willingness to take informed risks.
  • Support, encourage and work with their peers in a positive way.
  • Be receptive to musical practices and traditions from various cultures, including their own.        

Deadlines and Late Work

Late exercises and homework assignments lose 5 points each day they are late. Late assignments, unless discussed with me, will lose 5 points a day after their initial due date.

Device  Policy 

Students  must  have  their  Surface computer everyday to view sheet music, tune your instrument, research investigation and more..  Students  must  ask  permission  if  they  would  like  to  use  any other  devices  during  class. Devices will not be used to check social media and other non-educational activities.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in detentions. Please adhere  to  the  academic  honesty  policy. Students will treat each other, teachers and their instruments with respect.

Honors  Credit 

Honors  credit  is  given  to  any  band  student  who  can  play,  from  memory, the  proficiency  1  and  2  requirements  of  the  Michigan  School  Band  and Orchestra  Association  and  be  able  to  pass  a  basic  music  theory  test. Participation  at  Solo  and  Ensemble  Festival is required.

A  list  of  these requirements  can  be  found  at:


Auditions  must  be  completed  by  the  ​first  two  weeks  of  each  semester​. Once  you  pass  the  audition  and  receive  honors  credit,  you  will  not  have  to audition  again  and  will  continue  to  receive  honors  credit  until  you   graduate.

Department  Awards       

Department  Awards  are  based  upon  Mr.  Martin’s  evaluation  of  your performance  ability,  participation  and  knowledge  of  music.

The  John  Philip  Sousa  Award    is  given  to  a  Senior  band  member  who​ has  exhibited  superior  loyalty,  cooperation,  musicianship,  and  possesses   all of  the  fine  qualities  of  a  superior  band  member.    This  is  the  highest   award a  band  student  can  receive.

Louis  Armstrong  Award    is  given  to  the  most  outstanding  jazz   performer.​ 

The  Director's  Award    is  given  to  any  band  member  who  has  exhibited​     musical  and/or  personal  qualities  worthy  of  special  recognition.        

Outstanding  Achievement​  Award   is  awarded  to  one  senior  at  graduation, for  their  outstanding  participation   and  commitment  to  the  Notre  Dame Instrumental  Music  Department.          

Band  Pin​    is  given  to  those  members  of  band  who  have  completed  one year  of  service.        

School  Letter​    is  given  to  those  members  of  band  who  have  completed two  years  of  service.        

Service  Bar ​   is  given  to  those  members  of  band  who  have  completed three  years  of  service.      Instrument  Pin    is  given  to  those  members  of  band who  have  completed   four  years  of  service.    

MSBOA  District  4  Honors  Band​  The  Michigan  School  Band  &  Orchestra Association,  forms  two  district  honor  bands.  Students  are  selected  from local  band  programs  around  Oakland  County.  Mr.  Martin  can  nominate  as many  band  students  that  he  sees  fit,  but  selections  are  made  based  upon District  and  State  Solo  &  Ensemble  ratings  and  director  nominations.     For more  information  see  Mr.  Martin. 

MSBOA  All­​-State  Honors  Band​  The  Michigan  School  Band  &  Orchestra Association,  forms  one  state  honors  band.  Students  are  selected  from   band programs  all  around  the  State  of  Michigan.  Nominations  are  in   October  and are  based  upon  blind  auditions.  (The  adjudicators  will  not   know  who  you are  or  where  you  go  to  school.)  It  is  solely  based  upon  how   well  you prepare  a  solo,  sight  read  and  play  scales  from  memory.    For   more information  see  Mr.  Martin.      

Michigan  Youth  Arts  Festival​   Selections  are  based  upon  the  highest ratings  at  State  Solo  &  Ensemble   Festival.  Directors  cannot  nominate students  for  this  festival.       



This is the most critical communication path for important information such as schedule changes, bus arrival/departure time changes, event and deadline reminders.  Please sign up BOTH THE PARENTS AND STUDENT for this one­way, confidential, text­based system.





If you have trouble texting to 81010, please try




248­ 841­ 8844

Note:  If you are in​ Jazz Band​, please do the same instructions above to



The Band calendar is a live calendar which can be found on the school website under ​Arts > Performing Arts > NDPMA Bands > Schedule or at​


The calendar has all the band events and call times posted to it ­ as well as any date changes that we may receive.  You can link it to your calendar for easy access. Please check it regularly.


The band has a Facebook page which has important information posted to it.  Find us on Facebook and request to join:  "NDP Marching/Symphony Band".  On this page we post many photos, concert videos, accomplishments, event flyers and other reminders.


We will post band news stories and interesting information about the band on our Twitter account.

To join, please text:

On @NDP Bands to 40404 to follow​   

Off @NDP Bands ​to 40404 to stop

Or find us on Twitter to follow us.

Band Director, Joe Martin ­ jmartin@ndpma.org​     

Band Office ­ (248) 373-­5300 Ex. 8056


Band President, Melissa Weimer ­ ​mrsweimer@aol.com

Band Vise President, Ann Marie Allard ­ ​aallard@comcast.net

Have read the 2018-19 Course Expectations, understand and agree to the expectations.