NDP Theatre – Disney’s The Little Mermaid

November 1-3 at Lake Orion High School

Director – David Fazzini
Choreographer – Donna Pieper
Orchestra Pit Director – Joe Martin
Vocal Music Director – TBD
Producers – Jenn Beaudoin and Jama Lintol
Theatre Program Director – Meredith Scott


  • Choose 1 or 2 songs and 1 or 2 scenes/monologues.
  • They should be memorized.
  • Google Form must be completed to audition.
  • Hard copy of schedule conflicts with both student and guardian signature.
  • You can sign up in groups of 2 for your initial audition.

Cast List

Audition Google Form

Audition Sign-up

Audition Folder: schedule, music, scenes, monologues