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Friday, May 19, 2017

22 6/7 Regular Day of School; 8th Grade 1st & 2nd Hour exams
22 Athletic Banquet – Spring Sports
23 6/7 Regular Day of School; 8th Grade 3rd & 4th Hour exams
24-25 6/7 Ohio Trip – NO SCHOOL for those not attending the trip
24 8th Grade 5th & 6th Hour exams
25 8th Grade 7th & 8th Hour exams; Grad Practice
26-29 Memorial Day Break
30 8th Grade Graduation
31 6/7th Last full day of school; lockers must be emptied at end of day

1 6/7th 1st & 2nd Hour exams
2 6/7th 3rd & 4th Hour exams
5 6/7th 5th & 6th Hour exams
6 6/7th 7th & 8th  Hour exams
7 NO SCHOOL – Sleep in!!!  See you in August

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8th Grade End of Year Information
All 8th grade students must have appropriate length hair by Tuesday, May 23rd or they will not be able to attend the graduation mass. Any questions, please email Mr. Jezdimir.

Notre Dame is proud to offer complimentary “Proud to be a Graduate!” lawn signs to families of all graduates. Regardless of division, any interested parent or student may pick one up from the main office. Supplies are limited. 

Please click here to find the end of year events, times, etc…for 8th grade students.

Information & Academic Technology Department
Having trouble accessing NetClassroom, PowerSchool (Haiku) Learning, or other school related technical issues? You can contact IT at any time via email for support. Send your questions, concerns, or issues to The email is received by all team members! We promise to respond as quickly as possible.

21st Annual NDPMA Golf Outing
The 21st Annual Notre Dame Booster Club Golf Outing is fast approaching and we are still looking for sponsors and golfers.  This year’s outing will take place at Oakhurst Golf & Country Club on Monday June 5th. Check-in begins at 10:00 am (includes lunch and free range) with a 12:00 shotgun start.  The event is an 18-hole, 4-person scramble and all proceeds go towards supporting Notre Dame Prep athletics.

Golfers and sponsors can register today at: NDPMA Golf Outing. For any questions, please contact Darren Audia at

Host Family Needed Fall 2017
The NDPMA World Language Department is looking for a maximum of two families to host the native speaking Intern Teacher for the Chinese courses in 2017 Fall semester.  Host families are vital to this program!  You offer:  a private bedroom / shared bath; meals; transportation to and from school; and companionship.  In return, the family learns about Chinese culture and the student receives one-on-one help with the language.  Find out more about this exciting opportunity by emailing Joanne Liu, NDP Coordinator of Amity Institute Intern Teachers. (email:

Concert on the Hill
Bring the entire family for an evening of good food and great music under the stars. Bring a blanket and join us. Enjoy our students performing on an outside stage with a professional band. Please feel free to pass along to your family, friends, neighbors, work place and your church. This year will be even better than last year!  New this year, "Eat to The Beat". Check out our Menu!!  "St. Williams Dad Club" will prepare the BBQ dinner which will help ease the hassles of preparing for your family before the event. Please see flyer here.

  • MENU: The "Irishman" Burger, 2 beef patties, bacon, special sauce, tomato, pickles, and onion or The "Leprechaun" (The Irishman downsized to a single patty), or Cheese Burger or Chicken Strips or Dearborn Hot Dog. Make it a meal: French fries or chips and a drink.

How to Study from Mrs. Yauch
Knowing how to study is crucial for maximizing test performance. While differences in material may require slight changes of strategy, a similar process can be applied to virtually any subject. Here is how to get the most out of your study time.

1. Read the material once.

The first time you read through the material, whether it is a chapter or an entire book, you should avoid spending time re-reading sections or memorizing terms or concepts along the way. Instead, this step will familiarize you with the material and create a framework upon which you can build your knowledge until test time.

2. Reread and take notes.

After you have read through the material once, you should go back and read the material again. This step might appear redundant at first glance, but you will more easily assimilate information and connect concepts this time because you have already formed a rough picture of the material in your mind. Reading complex sections aloud can enhance your absorption of the information by involving more areas of your brain. To stay engaged and increase your retention of the material, make notes of key points and diagrams along the way. You should also ask yourself questions about the material and write those down to explore later.

3. Test yourself for the first time.

It is time to assess your progress. If you are using a textbook, you are likely to find in-book reviews, chapter tests and cumulative reviews. These can be ideal for checking your knowledge of the material and identifying areas that need improvement. After you write down the sections of the material that correspond to the questions you answered incorrectly, focus on those sections as you prepare to test yourself again.

4. Make study aids.

The study aids you make can vary according to the type of material involved and the type of test you expect. For multiple choice tests, consider making flashcards with index cards. Write down questions and multiple answer choices on the front of the cards and the correct answers on the other side. Alternately, you can write phrases with blanks where words should be inserted and write the answers on the back. Flashcards are also excellent for memorizing math rules and formulas.

If you expect essay questions, you should practice tying related information together. One way to solidify your comprehension of the material is to write out concepts in your own words. In many cases, textbooks list questions at page margins or section endings that you can practice answering. Again, explaining concepts aloud uses different parts of the brain compared to writing those concepts on paper, and you may find that your mastery of the material will increase if you practice both.

5. Test yourself again

This is your final pretest before the actual exam. After focusing on areas that were problematic for you during the first pretest, you should be able to answer questions on those topics successfully this time. For this second test, include more questions covering those areas as well as new versions of questions regarding the rest of the material.

6. Review your text and notes before the test

As you prepare to sit for the exam, read through the text and your notes a final time. By this point, you should feel comfortable with the material and should only be cementing concepts that are already in your mental framework rather than learning anything for the first time. You have overlearned the material and tested yourself repeatedly, and the actual exam will simply give you the opportunity to prove your mastery to yourself and the instructor.

7. Use your time wisely

The time you have until your exam must be considered as you prepare for it. The longer you have to study and the more space between your own pretests, the better you will retain the material. Cramming just before the exam is unlikely to produce optimal results. Furthermore, you will be less likely to recall the information later if you learn it over a short period of time.

8. Take breaks regularly

Just like a muscle, the brain benefits from rest. This means that, if time allows, you should take breaks regularly during extended study sessions. Physical exercise, even a short walk, has also been shown to improve long-term retention of information that has just been learned. Naps can also be a powerful way to recharge your brain.

Besides boosting your ability to retain and recall the material you are learning, the right study approach can help you stay confident during your test. This confidence can help you keep a clear head as you work through the questions. Once you have practiced this strategy repeatedly, you are likely to find that your performance improves not only in school but in virtually any setting where extensive learning is necessary.

NDPMA Summer Camps
As we rapidly approach the last quarter of this school year it is time to start planning for the summer. The Notre Dame community invites children entering grades K through 12 to participate in a number of athletic and academic summer camps offered from mid-June through the beginning of August. We are pleased to offer camps ranging from art, debate, Lego robotics and theatre, to basketball, lacrosse, football and volleyball … and many more!

Our entire lineup and online registration can be found by visiting the following links:

Academic Summer Camps

Athletic Summer Camps

All Academic Summer Camp questions may be directed to Mr. Michael Morrison (, and all Athletic Summer Camp questions may be directed to Ms. Maureen Radulski (

We hope to see your student on the Notre Dame campus this summer!

Used Uniform Sale
On June 1st & 2nd, NDPMA has a Used Uniform Sale for families. Please see Used Uniform Sale for more information. Clothing drop off is May 31st.

Website News and Twitter Highlights
Is your child involved in something great that we may not know about at school?  Please email me articles or pictures, anything highlighting his/her accomplishments.  We would LOVE to have more Marist students on the website, facebook, and twitter feeds.

BoxTop$ and Campbell's Soup Labels
Yes, NDPMA collects them!  Bring them into the office. Thanks in advance.

Hollywood Market’s Apples for the Students
We are happy to announce Hollywood Markets "Apples for the Students" program has to date provided over $300,000 in the very best educational tools and equipment… FREE… to local schools.

Now through February 24, 2017, parents, families and friends of our students can earn points for our school by simply telling Hollywood Market cashiers the name of our school each time you visit and/or shop at a Hollywood Market store. Our school will use those points to receive FREE educational equipment from their Presidential award-winning program.

Our school will select the items on wish list (not yet selected) from the catalog. There are hundreds of items to choose from in categories such as computers/printers, audio/visual, sports and much more.

So, please shop NOW and often at any of our Metro Detroit "Hollywood Market" locations to earn points for our school!

Remember this program is FREE… and mention "Notre Dame Preparatory and Notre Dame Marist".

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