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Friday, January 20, 2017

Good afternoon Notre Dame Families –

Just a quick note as we come to the end of a shortened week of school…

Innovation is a popular topic in the world of education. It's tied to everything from problem solving to creative thinking to mindfulness. To "innovate" is to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.

The faculty and staff in the middle division are well aware of the value of helping our students become better innovators. They are superstar models of such behaviors. This short week is a perfect example of that.

I know there was a good deal of "back-to-the-drawing-board" –  reworking of lessons for the week due to Tuesday's unexpected snow day. Still, as I passed through the D-wing hallway today, I found many were live-streaming the Inauguration of our 45th President of the United States. I admire these teachers for working the historical ceremony into the school day, while still keeping (somewhat) to their lesson plans. Our Community Read Day is approaching and teachers are sharing the reading, in class, of the book Ugly, a memoir by Robert Hoge (more innovation).

Middle school students follow/learn by watching. I see this every day. Watch a group of adolescents in a public setting. Wait, that probably sounded creepy. Better yet, you can Google about that. There's a pack-like mentality that coincides with adolescence. I'm proud to report that the students at NDPMA spend most of their waking hours with caring, sincere, hardworking adults who innovate, go-with-the-flow, learn from their mistakes, reflect on their experiences, and to top it all off, they begin and end every day (every class actually) with prayer and/or thanksgiving. How great is that?    

Have a great weekend!

Jill M. Mistretta
Principal, Notre Dame Marist Academy – Middle Division

25 Gold Block Day (Odd Hour Classes)
26 Green Block Day (Even Hour Classes)
27 Dance 3-5 p.m.
30 Late Start 9:35 a.m. doors open to students at 9:15 a.m.
30 Community Read Day

2 Liturgy JK-12
8 Gold Block Day (Odd Hour Classes)
9 Green Block Day (Even Hour Classes)
10 Peter Pan, Jr Musical
11 Peter Pan, Jr Musical
17 Phase 4 Ends
27 Late Start 9:35 a.m. doors open to students at 9:15 a.m.

Illness in the Middle Division
This week we have seen several different illnesses in the Middle Division. Stomach viruses, Influenza, Strep, you name it, it has been here. Please DO NOT send your student to school with a fever. Students must fever free without medications for 24 hours before coming to school. Please give them the extra day of rest, please remind them to wash their hands. You know the drill, I think some of us need a gentle reminder. I will be investing in a full hazmat suit soon 🙂 Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Volunteers Needed
On January 30, all MD students will take part in the Rochester Public Schools’ Disabilities Awareness Workshop at Marist Academy as part of Disability Awareness Day. The workshop consists of ten hands-on activity stations. These include Learning Differences, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Vision Impairment, Gross Motor Impairment, Fine Motor Impairment, Speech Impairment, and Hearing Impairment. Parent volunteers are needed from 11 AM to 2 PM to help at each station. Volunteers will be assigned a station and given training on what to do.  This is the third time we have brought the workshop to Marist Academy. It is a great experience for the students. If you can help, email Mrs. McLeod, Thank you for considering!

$3 Jeans Day Tuesday, January 24th
This past week our students started preparing for our Community Read Day on January 30th by reading Ugly by Robert Hoge.  On Community Read Day our students will be experiencing a number of speakers and hands-on activities revolving around the central theme of Disabilities.  We would like to make a small donation to all the charities (see below for a list) that are contributing to making our day a success.  Tuesday, January 24th will be a $3 Jeans Day.  Any additional donations will be appreciated and accepted as well.  Thank you for your support.

Organizations donating their time and energy:
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America
Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan
Oakland University Center for Autism
Alcoholics Anonymous
The Self-Determinator
Rochester Schools Disability Awareness

Michigan Animal Rescue League – Community Project
Hello, this is Maureen Galvin, Carly Drewyor, and Bella Nadeau. For our Community Project, we are collecting pet supplies and donating it to a local animal shelter (Michigan Animal Rescue League). We are looking for donations from all the grades and the grade that brings in the most items will get to wear a sweatshirt of their choice. Today we put boxes in the hallway for each grade. You can bring in items and put them in the boxes anytime from January 19th to January 26th.

Here are the items we will be collecting:
Canned dog food and cat food
Dry dog food and cat food
Dog and cat toys
Peanut butter
Cat litter
Cardboard scratchers
Laundry detergent
Dish soap
Paper towels

Lunch Time Office Hours for Teachers

Monday    Ms. Knapp    D2
Monday    Ms. Aguliar   D8

Tuesday    Mr. Morehead    D11
Tuesday    Ms. Guest    D14
Tuesday    Ms. Loria    D3

Wednesday    Mr. Heeringa    D5
Wednesday    Ms. Thomas    D3
Wednesday    Ms. Schmidt    D12

Thursday    Ms. York    Located in the IT Office
Thursday    Mr. McGuire    D7

Friday    Ms. Caldwell (Patterson)    D6
Friday    Ms. Cross    D10
Friday    Mr. McGreevy    D4
Friday    Ms. Huang    D1

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday    Ms. Pauwels    D13
Monday- Friday    Sr. Borkowski (Sister)    D9

Middle Division Language and Literature Department needs your help.
Please consider donating any new or gently used books (grades 6-10 reading levels) to our classroom libraries. (Hint: One source of books are the Scholastic Book flyers sent home in 6th and 7th grade.)  Since we started incorporating silent reading time into our classrooms daily, students are reading more and, as a result, using our classroom libraries more.  We need more fiction and non-fiction to sustain this growth in usage.  Students can turn in books to their L&L teacher and we will divide them up based on reading level.  Thank you for your support!

Spring Sports
All spring sports can begin on Monday March 13th. In order to participate in tryouts students must have a physical on file with the athletic department dated after April 15, 2016. The athletic physical is NOT the same as the health appraisal turned into the school. Physical forms can be found under "Athletic Information – Forms" at the top of the athletic website or in the athletic office.  Physicals are due in the athletic office by March 10 for all spring athletes.

Information & Academic Technology Department
NDPMA will begin using Impero Education Pro in the school.  Impero helps IT manage devices, empowers teachers to control the digital classroom, and monitors student usage to reduce risks posed by the digital world.  To learn more watch this video:

Any student found violating the responsible use policy for technology will be sent to the Discipline Office.  Please remind them of our school’s mission.

If you have any technical questions or concerns, please send them to

Any old mice with tails at your house?
The 8th grade Design classes will be working on an architecture project in January which requires students to use a mouse.  Mrs. Schmidt would love to have a supply of old-fashioned, non-battery-powered, mice with cords to make available to students who don't have a mouse with them on work days.  If you have any "old school" mice at home and would like to donate them, they'll have a good home.

Lost & Found
We essentially have 3 lost and founds at NDPMA. The first is here in the MD on a table outside our office. The second is in the High School office. The third is in Athletics – specifically in each of the locker rooms. Every so often, typically when the bins are overflowing, Athletics takes everything and places the “stuff” on tables. There are tables in the hall between the cafeteria and the main gym. If your student is missing anything, PLEASE go take a look. You won’t believe the things that are found.

If you have a child who would like to attend Notre Dame next year at any grade level, please contact Dean of Admissions Kathleen Offer at with your child’s full name, birth date, current school and grade.

Website News and Twitter Highlights
Is your child involved in something great that we may not know about at school?  Please email me articles or pictures, anything highlighting his/her accomplishments.  We would LOVE to have more Marist students on the website, facebook, and twitter feeds 

BoxTop$ and Campbell's Soup Labels
Yes, NDPMA collects them!  Bring them into the office. Thanks in advance.

Hollywood Market’s Apples for the Students
We are happy to announce Hollywood Markets "Apples for the Students" program has to date provided over $300,000 in the very best educational tools and equipment… FREE… to local schools.

Now through February 24, 2017, parents, families and friends of our students can earn points for our school by simply telling Hollywood Market cashiers the name of our school each time you visit and/or shop at a Hollywood Market store. Our school will use those points to receive FREE educational equipment from their Presidential award-winning program.

Our school will select the items on wish list (not yet selected) from the catalog. There are hundreds of items to choose from in categories such as computers/printers, audio/visual, sports and much more.

So, please shop NOW and often at any of our Metro Detroit "Hollywood Market" locations to earn points for our school!

Remember this program is FREE… and mention "Notre Dame Preparatory and Notre Dame Marist".

Kroger Community Rewards
NDPMA also is enrolled in Kroger Community Rewards.  Each time you shop at Kroger, Kroger will donate a portion of your purchase back to the school.  Please register your Kroger card online and select Notre Dame High School ID#82816 for directing your community reward. Kroger has people re-elect each year in April for Community Rewards.

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