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Friday, January 12, 2018


15  Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday – NO SCHOOL
19  7/8th Grade Blarney Battle
24  GOLD Block Day
25  GREEN Block Day
26  Winter Formal Dance TIME CHANGE 6-8pm; see details below
28-2/3 Catholic School’s Week
29  Late Start and Community Read Day
30  Coffee with Jezdimir
30  JK-12 Catholic School’s Week Liturgy


1    Parent Tech Night 7-9pm see details below
1    No Homework Assigned Day
2    Friday Friend Day see details below
2    No Homework Assigned Day
2    Musical – Beauty & The Beast
3    Musical – Beauty & The Beast
6    MD Only Liturgy
7    GOLD Block Day
8    GREEN Block Day
14  Coffee with Jezdimir
14  JK-12 Ash Wednesday Liturgy
16  End Phase IV
17-25  Winter Break-NO SCHOOL
26  Late Start
27  GOLD Block Day
28  GREEN Block Day
28  Parent Diversity Collaborative 6pm

Theology of the Body February 5-12, 2018

NDMA Middle Division is introducing a new program called Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition. This curriculum is based on Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, which offers a very positive message of the gift of sexuality as a good and essential part of love and life. It is our hope that this curriculum will provide your child(ren) with the knowledge and understanding they need concerning the meaning and purpose of their identity, their sexuality, and of their very existence.  The Family Life Level A booklet by RCL Benzinger will also be used to teach content on human reproduction including information on male and female anatomy, and intercourse.

Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children in matters of faith and morals, this program includes a rich parental component. Your family will receive a Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition Parent’s Guide and Family Life Human Reproduction Level A guide for home use. This may be picked up in the main office, or it will be sent home with your child on January 26, 2018.  This booklet summarizes the curriculum chapter by chapter, allowing you  to follow along at home as your child(ren) goes through the program. The booklet also provides helpful questions and family applications to foster meaningful conversation at home.

Thank you for your time and attention during this important stage of your child’s spiritual development. Below you will find the schedule and topics covered this preliminary academic year. Any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Yauch (     

  • 6th Grade – February 5th

Topics to be covered:

  •  Family Life Level A (Male/Female Reproductive System)
  • Theology of the Body: Chapter 1 & 2
  • 7th Grade – February 9th

Topics to be covered:

  • Family Life Level A (All)
  • Theology of the Body:: Chapter 3 & 4
  • 8th Grade – February 12th

Topics to be covered:

  • Family Life Level A (All)
  • Theology of the Body: Chapter 4 – 6

National Geography Bee Finalists

Congratulations to: Marisa Ricci, Ben Sermo, Lucas Anderson, Tess Censoni, George Moussa, Katie Leuchtmann, Tessa Boehme, Madeline Lawrence, Lilly Urban, and Lexi Hunter who will be competing in the National Geographic Bee to determine the School Champion on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 in the Media Center.

Year End Trips

Both the 6/7th grade trip to Ohio and the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. are full and have waitlists. In order to open the trip up to more students, we need to have 35 6/7th grade and 35 8th grade students register for the trips. Statistically that number is not achievable. We are entertaining the idea of inviting parents to come as chaperones. If we could achieve 35 more people on each of the trips, the waitlist and everyone else wanting to come, could come.

We have created an interest form for the trips. If we have enough people interested, we will commit to the 2nd bus and open registration. Please take a minute to fill out the form at

Information for both trips may be found at

Friday Friend Day at NDMA, 2/2

Notre Dame’s Lower and Middle Divisions, in concert with the Office of Admissions, invites students in grades JK4 to 8 to invite one friend to join them at school on an upcoming Friday to show them firsthand what makes NDMA so special. As a way of saying thank you, the Office of Admissions will provide a coupon to the bookstore for any family whose student gets a friend to register for the day. Please see this flyer for more details.

7th/8th Grades – The Blarney Battle

The Blarney Battle is a free, fun-filled event with teams competing against one another to complete quick physical and mental challenges throughout our school building. Participants are expected to come from the 7th and 8th grade classes of 20+ area schools. At the conclusion of the Blarney Battle, participants will be able to attend the NDP vs. Troy boys basketball game at 7 p.m.

The deadline to register for this very special event is Friday, January 12 @ noon. Registrations may be accepted after the 12th, if space permits.

If you would like to register your student, please follow this link:

Click on the blue highlighted block on the January 19 square.

Parents –Informative Movie & Related Interesting Reads

What is it like for our children growing up in the Digital Age? What is the impact of the Digital Age and how do we help minimize harmful effects and find balance? The new film, “Screenagers” addresses these questions, helping parents/guardians feel better equipped to establish balance around screen time. Learn about the impact of violent video games on desensitizing viewers, how do cell phones affect social skills, etc. There is no fee for this film, which will be shown at several locations throughout Michigan.

Learn more at

Related articles to read:

"Smartphones aren't a smart choice in middle school"

"The drug-like effect of screen time on the teenage brain"

8th Grade Community Projects

The 8th Grade Community Projects are in full swing. There will be announcements each week for different groups and what they are doing.

This is Noraa Silver, Tori Dickerson, and Anna Bonema. Next week, January 16-19, we will be having a collection for soccer balls. Please bring any sized soccer balls in good condition. Place soccer balls in the box located outside the Marist MD Office. We will be using these soccer balls for a clinic for 2nd and 3rd graders. After that, we will be donating them to Pierce elementary school in Waterford! So please remember, next week bring any soccer balls in good condition.


Anna, Tori, and Noraa

There is a coin war happening between all 4th hour classes. All change counts positively towards a classroom’s score. All bill donations count negatively toward a classroom’s score. All donations are appreciated, and they will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Thank You! Alina Stanczak, Abigail Stowe, & Brittney Uhlmeyer

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship

St. Benedict of Waterford Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a Free Throw Championship. The competition will be on 1/27 from 10am-1pm. It will be in the Grimaldi Gym. If your student is interested in registering, please contact Tony Roth at 248.860.2935.

Thank you for the cardboard rolls

Mrs. Pauwels says, “Thank You!!” for all of the TP, paper towel, and wrapping paper rolls. She does not need anymore. The 6th grade design classes will be creating a very cool project out of the rolls.

Winter Formal Dance, 1/26

Student Council would like to invite students to join us at the Winter 2018 dance on January 26th from 6pm-8pm. It’s our first winter semi-formal! You do not need a date, just be ready to dance and have fun with your friends and classmates.

Tickets will cost $10, which includes entrance and dinner. Dinner will be catered by 112 Pizzeria Bistro and include New York style pizza, bread sticks, 2 types of pasta, salad, a drink, and a dessert. Entrance-only tickets are available for $5. You are encouraged to purchase your tickets in advance, they will be on sale during lunch starting Tuesday, January 16th through January 22nd. Tickets may be purchased at the door for $10, but that does not guarantee food.

Semi-Formal attire suggestions include, but are not limited to dresses, skirts, khakis or dress pants. It must be appropriate; any questions please see Mrs. Yauch or Mrs. Patterson. Purchase your ticket early and get ready for the dance of the Year! We hope to see you there!

IT Notes:

Parent Tech Night – February 1 from 7 to 9 PM in the Media Center. Listen to Macomb County Reserve Deputy Jaime Martinez of the MACE Unit speak on Identity Theft. Discussions will focus on credit cards, U.S. Mail, income tax returns, and other safety tips. In addition, discussion of protecting your home Internet network connection and connected technology.

NDPMA Social Media

NDPMA has only one official “main” school Facebook page and it’s available at There is an unofficial Facebook page (Notre Dame Preparatory, Pontiac, Michigan) currently out there that may be confusing those looking for the school’s page. NDPMA's only official main school Twitter account is available at and the official Instagram account is available at

Ever wonder what to spend your extra Kohls cash on?  
Why not donate it to Christ the Redeemer Church, when they accumulate $50 – $100 of Kohls cash they will purchase boots for the homeless, coats for kids in need and sheets for those moving out of shelters into homes.  Christ the Redeemer is partnering with Humble Design and CCRT.

If you are interested in participating in this program please drop off your Kohls cash to the Marist office and we will deliver it to the appropriate party.  Christ the Redeemer will be accepting the Kohls cash thru January.

Label ALL CLOTHES and Shoes!

With the colder weather, students have intramurals daily in the Grimaldi Athletic Center. Students must remove their shoes before stepping on the floor. The hall outside the GAC looks like this:

Almost daily student mix up their shoes. Please write his/her name, a symbol, something inside shoes so that they don’t get them mixed up.  Thank you!

From Athletics

If you need to correspond with anyone in athletics, please send emails to


From Mrs. Schmidt

Looking for mice…Don't get the wrong idea.  Our 8th grade Advanced Design class will be taking on an architectural project in January using a CAD program, so touchpads are not ideal for use.  All 8th grade students are instructed to bring a mouse with them during the project.  If any households have old-fashioned USB computer mice with "tails" to plug into the computer, those are always appreciated for classroom use and tend not to run away.

Robotics & Engineering Camp: July 15 – 30

Notre Dame Robotics will be hosting 30 middle school students from Beijing China for an exchange student robotics and engineering summer camp. We are accepting applications for students to attend the camp, families to host exchange students and high school students to volunteer at the camp. Completing this application will enable us to provide you with additional information.

NDPMA Ski / Snowboard Club – Registration

NDPMA Ski / Snowboard Club is a great way to strengthen friendships and enjoy the outdoors.

NDPMA Ski / Snowboard Club night is Wednesday at Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort. It begins once the resort has good conditions and is open to the public. Club volunteer coordinators are Angela Kayi 248.225.6161 and John Krieger 810.444.6636

If you are interested in the Ski/Snowboard Club, please click on this google form for all of the details and to sign up.


Our spirit-wear items make a wonderful gift for that special someone or for yourself.  Our items have a very small cost markup, making them available to you at an affordable price.  If you have any questions or suggestions, email Larry Jack at or call 248-373-500, x8054.  Come into the Irish Bookstore & Cafe for a cup of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea, complimentary with any purchase.  Bookstore hours: 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (during regular school days) or make an appointment for additional bookstore hours.

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