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Friday, December 2, 2016

md_news_slides2Good afternoon Notre Dame families – 
There's been a noticeable increase in energy among the students this week. I first suspected it was related to the long weekend. Because their lives are so very "friend-centered" during these years, I thought the excitement in the middle division was a result of the students reuniting after 5 days of being apart. Silly me. When will I learn that friends do not "disconnect" when they are away from one another physically?

Adolescents these days don't know how good they have it. Lol.  When I was in middle school, if I wanted to "connect" in the evening with my friend, who lived a couple miles away, I had to call her on the phone, stretch the cord way around the hall to the closest empty room and hope it would be a while before my parents started to nag me about "tying up the phone." 

Back to the increase in energy here. The super-moon appeared only a couple weeks ago, so it couldn't be that. Hmm, it's about time we had a good amount of snow. Maybe we are all anxiously awaiting our first big snowfall of the season? 

When I asked one of our teachers who commented on our students' level of "activity," she replied, "It's December. That's it, December alone can create this change in atmosphere." I had to agree. There is plenty of evidence to support that theory.   

We've discussed the topic of final exams at more than one of our recent faculty meetings. Together, we are all taking steps to help decrease the level of stress surrounding…FINALS. Teachers might be talking to students about end of the semester assessments, but I think it is too early in the month to be the source of this weeks' commotion. 

Yesterday I came across something on Twitter that made me drop the idea of trying to solve the mysterious; Increase in Energy among the NDPMA Students. I think you'll agree, the message is nothing new. In fact, the writing itself was published almost a year and a half ago. What I read was a "re-tweet" – it's timing suspiciously too good. As I came to the end of the article I thought about the week here at school but from another perspective. I smiled, because it also reminded me of something my uncle Don often says to others who worry about things that are out of their hands; "Whatever it is, that's the way it will be." 

Have a great weekend,

Jill Mistretta

5 Media Center closes at 4 pm
Gold Block Day – Odd Hour Classes
6 Green Block Day – Even Hour Classes
Band Concert
12 Choir Concert at Avondale
15 1st & 2nd Hour Exams – School 8am – 11:15am
16 3rd & 4th Hour Exams – School 8am – 11:15am
19 5th & 6th Hour Exams – School 8am – 11:15am
20 7th & 8th Hour Exams – School 8am – 11:15am
20 End Phase 3

Middle Division Language and Literature Department needs your help.
Please consider donating any new or gently used books (grades 6-10 reading levels) to our classroom libraries. (Hint: One source of books are the Scholastic Book flyers sent home in 6th and 7th grade.)  Since we started incorporating silent reading time into our classrooms daily, students are reading more and, as a result, using our classroom libraries more.  We need more fiction and non-fiction to sustain this growth in usage.  Students can turn in books to their L&L teacher and we will divide them up based on reading level.  Thank you for your support!

Great Give Christmas
Until Tuesday, 12/8, the Middle Division is collecting donations for the Baldwin Center. The Baldwin Center’s mission is to feed, clothe, educate and empower the men, women and children of the Pontiac community. In student’s SRT rooms, they were assigned specific items. Your student should (ha ha) know what that assignment was. We appreciate any new items you have to give to the Baldwin Center. Specific questions, please email your student’s SRT teacher. Thanks for helping make a family’s Christmas!

Middle Year’s Newsletter
The December edition of the Middle Year’s Newsletter has arrived. You may click here to view. All previous editions are available by going to the Middle Years Newsletters link in the yellow menu on this page.

Christmas Break
Upper and Middle Division students will be taking final exams Thursday, Dec 15th – Tuesday, Dec 20th 8:00 – 11:15 a.m.  Christmas break for Upper and Middle Division students begins on Wednesday, Dec 21st.

Marist Bowling
Marist Bowling has begun.  Practice will be held at Classic Lanes, which is located on M-59 & Crooks, from 3:30-5:00.  No experience is necessary.  With additional questions, please email Coach Audia at

Your Help is Needed
Parents Club is in need of several chair people for two of our most well attended, long standing events – Spring Fashion Show and Junior Prom
Please consider donating your time and talent to make these events a huge success once again this year. To volunteer, email:

Fashion Show Models and Usher Co-Chair
Three volunteers are needed to help Seniors and their parents make memories as they walk down the runway modeling the latest fashions in the annual Spring Fashion Show March 16, 2017!  
Responsibilities include: 

  • Recruiting all models and ushers for Spring Fashion Show
  • Create student and parent distribution lists for communication
  • Organize show including show intro dance and runway performance
  • Identify, select and obtain commitment for all participating supplier/vendors for clothing, accessories and music for show.  This would include finalizing all contract/agreements and securing and applicable deposits.  
  • Assign roles for each of the committee members
  • Ensure all committee members fulfill their parent commitment hours
  • Manage/oversee budget for committee
  • Develop and present format for show to committee
  • Oversee the selection of attire for the model’s and ushers for the evening
  • Oversee transportation of wardrobe to and from supplier of clothing
  • Provide supervision for models and ushers during the event
  • Ensure that all clothing accessories are collected and assembled for transport
  • Manage and save all relevant documents created for committee in “Drop Box” 

Junior Prom Co-Chair
Two volunteers are requested to help coordinate a night for the Junior class to remember! Junior Prom is scheduled for May 24, 2017. 
Responsibilities include:  

  • Meeting with the junior class moderators 1 or 2 times as necessary.
  • Operate sign-ups for other parents to volunteer for shifts helping to pick up decorations and set up the day before prom, bring treats for the prom, and clean up the night of prom.
  • Ask for other parents to volunteer through personal connections and email messages to junior parents.
  • Coordinating with event planner. 

School Closing Alert System 

In the event of a school closing, NDPMA uses School Messenger, a broadcast system. Within minutes of a planned or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation, late start or information that needs to reach families, NDPMA will notify you by phone and/or email.  Be aware the Caller ID will display the NDP main office number of 248-373-5300 for all three divisions. If you do not receive a phone call, email, or just want to update your contact information, please use the following link:


  • When driving through the parking lot in the morning, please go slow. Students use the first crosswalk to go to the Grimaldi to drop off instruments. Cars travel way too fast around that corner. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!
  • Morning drop-off is in the circle or the main parking lot ONLY.  Drop offs may not occur next to the Grimaldi or the Middle Division doors.  The parking lots beyond the gates are for staff and bus use only, as indicated on the signs.
  • Cold weather is coming and with that comes illness, vacations and missing school.  If your child is missing school for any reason, please let us know.  Your child should inform his/her teachers to find out assignments missed.  Parents make sure you either call or email the office.   
  • While there are adults in and around the school after school hours, students who remain in the building are NOT "supervised."  Some NDPMA students have been seen walking to the Lower Division and/or further off campus.  Make a point to discuss your family's rules about leaving campus with your student.

In need of a tutor for your student?
If your student is interested in a high school student tutor, please send Mrs. Yauch,, an email with the following information:

  • Middle Division Student’s Name
  • Subject 
  • Days available (Tutoring typically takes place after school for approximately  1 hour)

Website News and Twitter Highlights
Is your child involved in something great that we may not know about at school?  Please email me articles or pictures, anything highlighting his/her accomplishments.  We would LOVE to have more Marist students on the website, facebook, and twitter feeds 

BoxTop$ and Campbell's Soup Labels
Yes, NDPMA collects them!  Bring them into the office. Thanks in advance.

Hollywood Market’s Apples for the Students
We are happy to announce Hollywood Markets "Apples for the Students" program has to date provided over $300,000 in the very best educational tools and equipment… FREE… to local schools.

Now through February 24, 2017, parents, families and friends of our students can earn points for our school by simply telling Hollywood Market cashiers the name of our school each time you visit and/or shop at a Hollywood Market store. Our school will use those points to receive FREE educational equipment from their Presidential award-winning program.

Our school will select the items on wish list (not yet selected) from the catalog. There are hundreds of items to choose from in categories such as computers/printers, audio/visual, sports and much more.

So, please shop NOW and often at any of our Metro Detroit "Hollywood Market" locations to earn points for our school!

Remember this program is FREE… and mention "Notre Dame Preparatory and Notre Dame Marist".

Kroger Community Rewards
NDPMA also is enrolled in Kroger Community Rewards.  Each time you shop at Kroger, Kroger will donate a portion of your purchase back to the school.  Please register your Kroger card online and select Notre Dame High School ID#82816 for directing your community reward. Kroger has people re-elect each year in April for Community Rewards.

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