Parents Club President’s Letter

Dear NDPMA Families and Friends,

The NDPMA Parents Club would like to thank you for all of your effort put forth in making our school a success. Our 2017/2018 school year has been phenomenal. As a community of Parents, we have held over 100 well run events at all three divisions of the school. We have welcomed new families, supported several student events such as festivals, dances and field days, enhanced our Performing Arts programs and raised critical funds to operate our school. These events are very important to our children and contribute immensely to the overall mission of our school. It is through our commitment of time, talents, and treasure that we are able to provide this type of experience to our children. Our formula of consolidated fundraising (Super Raffle) and a family based volunteer commitment of 10 hours per family has proven successful year after year at supporting the mission of “With God … we form Christian People, Upright Citizens, and Academic Scholars”.

All programs will remain in place for the 2018/2019 school year. Please review the various volunteer roles we have and offer up your talents and skills to fulfill our mission. Please consider taking a leadership role as a Chair or Co-Chair. Please be mindful of the Super Raffle and the importance of our consolidated fundraising approach to the success of our school. Each family will be mailed their allotment of tickets in the July/Aug time frame and please contact us, if you have any questions.

I believe that next year will be an exciting year filled with challenges and successes. It is through teamwork and a partnership between the NDPMA administrators, NDPMA faculty, parents, and students that we are able to provide such an excellent opportunity for our children. On behalf of the NDPMA Parents Club, thank you for your tireless efforts. Let’s continue our enthusiastic commitment for the benefit our school … “for the children”.


Timothy P. Philippart
NDPMA Parents Club President