Personal Project

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar?  Do you have a secret passion to write a novel?

The Personal Project, an independent assignment completed during the sophomore year, offers a student the chance to demonstrate various skills through the completion of a self-selected goal.  The topic, goal, and final product come from the student’s own, personal interests.  It is the student’s turn to show principled action as a result of sustained inquiry and critical reflection over an extended period.  In short, each sophomore acts upon his or her own natural curiosity in a topic of interest.

Please see this video Introduction to the Personal Project.  If you are ready to get started on your goal, this video on Getting Started with the Personal Project and the Student Guide will help you.  Any student working toward the goal during the summer months prior to the sophomore year must email Ms. Archer at least twice for assistance.

Ms. Melissa Archer
Personal Project Coordinator