Pledge the Prep

Pledge the Prep” is the senior class giving program for Notre Dame Prep.

Pledge the Prep is in its third year and includes nearly 150 alumni donors. Each Spring, our graduating seniors are asked to make a pledge of support to the school and The Notre Dame Fund. The five-year commitment begins with a $10 donation senior year followed by gifts of $20, $20, $25, and $25 in the following four years.

Pledge the Prep donors join more than 400 alumni in support of The Notre Dame Fund each year. The Notre Dame Fund is our annual appeal to donors for their chartable support. While tuition plays a major role in providing resources, the school depends on healthy fundraising to operate, innovate, and improve every aspect of the student experience. So, when you make your gift each year, every dollar makes an immediate impact on student programming.

You decide! The fund also provides an opportunity to choose to support one of our program-specific ‘ways’ or give ‘where Notre Dame needs it most.’ Either way, donors are making a difference in the education of every student, every day at Notre Dame.

For more information about the fund, go to or click HERE to make your Pledge the Prep donation!