Why Notre Dame?

No one in the world is like you, and no school in the world is like Notre Dame. Here you will be able to explore your unique gifts under the caring direction of the Society of Mary. Our mission is to help you become the Christian, citizen and scholar you are meant to be so that one day you will follow Christ, serve others and seek wisdom in a Marist way.

Here you automatically will be part of the International Baccalaureate, recognized worldwide as the premier mode of education for students at the primary and secondary levels. As a student at Notre Dame you will learn to be inquisitive, open-minded and reflective while you also develop valuable research, critical-thinking, communication and self-management skills. No doubt you will be prepared for college and the world beyond.

Here in the halls of Notre Dame—whether you pursue the IB Diploma, take one or more AP classes, or follow a traditional college-prep curriculum—you will find your place not only as a student, but also as an athlete, artist, botanist, Christian servant, creative writer, debater, musician, robot builder, or anything else you wish to be. At Notre Dame you will be the star of your show.

Here you will find a community of dedicated, mission-centered faculty and staff who deeply care about you as a person. You will benefit from teachers, counselors, campus ministers and coaches who are committed to helping you succeed at Notre Dame and in life.

Why Notre Dame? Because you want to fit in and stand out. Because you want to be challenged and have fun.

Yes, fun is important at Notre Dame! To quote Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, founder of the Society of Mary, “Allow yourself to be possessed by joy; dance a little.”

So, dance! And do everything you dream of doing. Be the Homecoming Queen who also kicks field goals for the football team. (She went on to play soccer for the Michigan Wolverines). Be the lead in the musical who also is the student body president. (He went to Michigan, too.) Be the Student Ambassador who designs robots. (He went to Stanford.)

Those students found themselves as members of the Fighting Irish Family. The same opportunities await you here, at Notre Dame.