Why Notre Dame?

Every child is a unique individual, with their own defining social, emotional, intellectual and physical qualities. At Notre Dame, we celebrate that individualism and encourage students to explore their gifts under the caring direction of the Society of Mary.

Our mission is to help your child become the Christian, citizen and scholar they are meant to be so that one day they will follow Christ, serve others and seek wisdom in a Marist way (growth through prayer, fellowship, service, learning and vocational development).  

Here, your child will automatically be part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, recognized worldwide as the premier mode of education for students at the primary and secondary levels. IB students learn to be inquisitive, open-minded and reflective while developing valuable research, critical-thinking, communication and self-management skills that prepares them for college and beyond. 

Whether students pursue the IB Diploma, enroll in AP courses, or follow a traditional college-prep curriculum, they can discover and pursue their passion not only as a student, but also as an athlete, artist, botanist, Christian servant, performer, musician, engineer, or anything else they can dream up.  

Our community offers a dedicated, mission-centered faculty and staff who care deeply about your child’s wholistic journey to adulthood. We provide a loving and safe environment that nurtures academic, practical and industry-relevant skills for the 21st century. 

Why Notre Dame? Because you want to fit in and stand out. Because you want to be challenged and have fun.  

So, dance! Follow your dreams. Be the homecoming queen who also kicks field goals for the football team. Be the lead in the musical who also is the student body president. Be the student ambassador who designs robots. Those students found themselves as members of the Fighting Irish Family. The same opportunities await you here.