Honors Credit

Honors  credit is  given to any  band student who  can play, from memory, the  proficiency 1 and 2 requirements  of the Michigan School Band and Orchestra  Association and be able to pass a basic music  theory test. Participation at Solo and Ensemble Festival is required.

Auditions  must be completed  by the ​first  two weeks  of each semester​. Once  you pass  the audition  and receive honors  credit, you will not  have to audition again and  will continue to receive honors  credit until you graduate.    

Proficiency I Scales

Bass Clarinet Pro – I
Bassoon Pro – I
Clarinet Pro – I
F Horn Pro – I
Flute Pro – I
Oboe Pro – I
Percussion Pro – I
Saxophone – I
Trombone Pro – I
Trumpet Pro – I
Tuba Pro – I

Proficiency II Scales

Bass Clarinet Pro – II
Bassoon Pro – II
Clarinet Pro – II
F Horn Pro – II
Flute Pro – II
Oboe Pro – II
Percussion Pro – II
Saxophone Pro – II
Trombone Pro – II
Trumpet Pro – II
Tuba Pro – II

Proficiency III Scales

Bass Clarinet Pro – III
Bassoon Pro – III
Clarinet Pro – III
F Horn – III
Flute Pro – III
Oboe Pro – III
Percussion Pro – III
Saxophone Pro – III
Trombone Pro – III
Trumpet Pro – III
Tuba Pro – III