Information and Academic Technology Department

In alignment with Notre Dame Preparatory School and Marist Academy’s mission, we are committed to aiding our students to properly use technology as an instrument to grow their faith, achieve their academic potential, and to become upright digital citizens.

Technology is an important piece of enriching, engaging, and enhancing the learning process that creates an exceptional instructional experience for each student. Students have exhibited information literacy and the ability to collaborate using various technology tools. They become more engaged in their learning and will graduate better prepared with technology skills needed for success in a digital world.

NDPMA has successfully implemented a 1:1 technology program that provides each student their own computer tablet device. This allowed teachers the ability to collaboratively create a borderless classroom. We have provided the tools to help students learn the material within their own learning style and provide the ability for them to connect with their teachers like never before. Student are giving access to a gateway that allows them to collaborate, communicate, research, and utilize critical thinking.