Theatre – Course Description

MYP Introduction to Theatre

Introduction to Theatre exposes students to the vast world of theatre. Topics include playmaking, improvisation, movement, vocal work, and theatre literature.  This builds on the student’s abilities in performance and public speaking, while introducing basic technical theatre knowledge and the art of collaboration. During their time in this class, students will be encouraged to work and think outside of their comfort zone to collaborate and create as a team. They will have the opportunity to perform or do stage crew for the winter musical.

Theatre Appreciation
10, 11, 12

Theatre Appreciation is a course that can be taken one semester or the entire year.  It is a beginning course in theatre that focuses on basic foundations in theatre and techniques in acting. Students will learn different forms of theatre through firsthand experience in performance, design, and technical production. The study of theatre is not just about academics and production. Theatre is the study of human behavior in which imagination plays a vital role. Students in this course are not required to audition for extra-curricular productions; however, they are required to attend one live performance per semester.