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C.R.A.P. Test

The C.R.A.P. Test is a good guide to use when evaluating resources. These steps can help you decide if the information or resource you are using is really the best material.
Besides the C.R.A.P. Test, there are a few other questions you should consider when evaluating a source.
You should ask yourself:

  • What is the domain of the website you are using ( .com, .org, .gov, .edu)?
  • Is there a site publisher or sponsor?
  • Does the site contain any advertisements? 
  • Could the site be meant in an ironic way (is it satire or a spoof)?


Further tips for evaluating resources, research terms, and examples




Sample works cited page in MLA format

A few notes about citations:

 All of NDPMA uses MLA format for writing papers and citations. MLA citations no longer require citing a website’s URL. Instead, an item should be marked as Print or Web.