Portrait of a Graduate

The duty of teachers toward students in school is threefold, namely: above all else to train them to be faithful and active disciples of Christ; to instruct them in all virtues so that they may grow to be upright and decent citizens, profitable to society; and lastly, to teach them letters and various branches of knowledge."
-- Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, s.m.

This is a place where young men and women learn to change the world.

Christian People

This is a young person who embraces his or her relationship with Jesus through prayer, reflection and action. These students embrace the teachings of Christ and live out their faith in school, in their community, and among friends and family. They are called to work humbly behind the scenes, as Mary did, to draw others closer to her Son. Union with God.

Upright Citizens

This is a young person who cultivates a deep respect for the global community, especially the marginalized. These students exhibit a strong moral character and are called to serve, lead and contribute within our communities. Knowledge of and concern for all of God’s creation and all people is front and center in service to their neighbor. Learn to Lead.

Academic Scholars

A young person seeks wisdom by asking questions, accepting challenges, and welcoming opportunities for growth. These students think critically, are self-confident, are not afraid to express themselves. They express awareness of their unique education experience and how it informs a lifelong love of learning. Grow in Knowledge.

Meet Our Students

Evan Wells

Brighten Someone’s Day

I strive to live as a Christian, citizen, and scholar by taking a moment as an opportunity to brighten someone else’s day. You never know when your smile will make a difference.

Sana Muqueem

A Little Kindness

The school mission to me shows how to grow and act both as a student and as an individual. It shows me the way to become a well-rounded person after I graduate and enter the real world.

Tess Censoni

God Over Grades

One of the best things about being a Notre Dame student is the opportunities it brings. Going to this school means something. It prepares you for college and teaches you time management and responsibility.

Joshua Samuels

Love Through Action

The school mission is very important to me because I am a Christian and I feel that it's a just cause to carry out for God. I like to show people how to live through my actions.

Mia Mojares

Doing Your Best Work

In the short time that I've been here, Notre Dame Prep has helped me grow in many ways. I've made many new friends and I've learned so much about myself and the world around me.

Nicholas Meli

Helping Your Neighbor

I strive to be a good Christian by praying every day, going to mass and being compassionate towards others. I try to be a good citizen by volunteering in my community and doing things like shoveling snow for my neighbor.

See Our Scholars in Action

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