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Ava Baxa

Why did you choose Notre Dame?
I chose Notre Dame because of the well-rounded atmosphere. The great academics, athletics, clubs and everything else it offers made it seem like a great opportunity for me. NDP has been a great fit in multiple ways. Academically speaking, NDP's curriculum challenges me and prepares me for what lies ahead, and we have clubs and sports that suit everyone's interests. I've made some really great friends here on top of that.

How have you gotten involved in activities on campus?
I am a member of NHS and the Pre-Med Club, and I also am vice president of the Environmental Club. A healthy risk I've taken is signing up for IB Art. I am extremely excited for this class and the opportunity to broaden my art skills, but I am aware that it is a challenging course.

Which of your Notre Dame teachers has been one of your favorites?
A favorite teacher of mine is Sra. Billings. She is very sweet and cares a lot about her students. She is a dedicated teacher who ensures we understand the material.

What’s been the best class you’ve taken at Notre Dame so far?
I really enjoyed taking Botany. It was a very interactive course that enabled us to grow and care for our own plants throughout the semester.

Which Notre Dame staff member or coach do you have a special bond with?
I have a special bond with Ms. Nester, our registrar, because she is my aunt. It is refreshing to know I can always go to her if I need help or just need to talk.

What experience have you had at Notre Dame that’s been a pleasant surprise?
I’ve really enjoyed being in the Environmental Club. It is nice to know that I am benefitting the planet in small ways.

How do you try to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian, citizen and scholar?
I live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian by participating in Mass and acting how Jesus would. As a citizen, I treat people around me with respect and the way I want to be treated. As a scholar, I put my best effort forward in my classes and learn all that I can.

What advice would you give children and parents considering Notre Dame?
Notre Dame is a very versatile school. All types of students attend, from athletes to artists. There are so many classes and clubs that suit any interest. Chances are there are a lot of students who share the same interests as you, so you can find great friends at NDP.

Ava Baxa ’23 (Senior)
Previous School
: St. Lawrence
Hometown: Shelby Township
NDP Courses:
IB Biology
AP English
IB Visual Art
History of Christianity
Honors Spanish 4
IB Math Applications and Interpretation
Training for the Athlete
Study Hall