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Natalia Green

Why did you choose Notre Dame?
I chose Notre Dame because I knew it offered a variety of opportunities to aid my path in life. Going to NDP has been absolutely amazing for me, not only because I have been pushed to my full potential in academics, but because I am now learning firsthand what it is truly like to become a Christian, citizen, and scholar.

How have you gotten involved in activities on campus?
I play volleyball, and I do plan on joining a few clubs. Creative Writing Club might be one of those!

Which of your Notre Dame teachers has been one of your favorites?
One of my favorite teachers is Brother Martin. He is special to me because he always tried his best to make sure that my classmates and I were well-prepared and learned everything we needed. On top of this, he made class fun and gave everyone candy! 

What’s been the best class you’ve taken at Notre Dame so far?
The best class I've taken has been Geometry with Ms. Garcia, who is a wonderful person. I loved this class because it challenged me on so many levels. 

Which Notre Dame staff member or coach do you have a special bond with?
A person I have a special bond with is Coach Allie, aka Ms. Winiarski. Although she is a teacher in the lower school, she has made a huge impact on me because she was my freshman volleyball coach. She was the person I was around most when I had just joined the Notre Dame community. She was an amazing coach, and overall was a fun person to be around.

What experience have you had at Notre Dame that’s been a pleasant surprise?
There have been many pleasant surprises at Notre Dame that I've had the honor of experiencing. The sports are amazing, and that’s a small part of why I wanted to come to NDP. Also, there are many school traditions, like Irish Week, that I’ve been so happy to be a part of.

How do you try to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian, citizen and scholar?
I try my best to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian, citizen, and scholar in as many ways as possible. I make sure I am honest, positive, and helpful to everyone around me. Even more, I include myself in as many school activities as possible.

What advice would you give children and parents considering Notre Dame?
Try something new! Coming to this school was scary for me because I've never switched to a school where I didn't know anyone. But it was honestly one of the best decisions I've made. I met new people who I get along well with, and everyone is very welcoming. If I never got out of my comfort zone, I would never be where I am now. Being here is great, and I'm not worried at all for what I'll be doing in the future once I graduate here.

Natalia Green ’24 (Sophomore)
Previous School:
Mason Middle School
Waterford, MI
NDP Courses:
Earth Science
AP United States History
Language and American Literature
Introduction to Computer Aided Design
The Paschal Mystery
Spanish 2
Algebra II