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Nolan Tompkins

Why did you choose Notre Dame?
I chose Notre Dame because I really liked the atmosphere of the school when I shadowed. It has been a great fit for me because I have formed great connections with many students and teachers.

How have you gotten involved in activities on campus?
I have played football, basketball, and lacrosse so far. I decided to play lacrosse for the first time to challenge myself in learning new skills. 

Which of your Notre Dame teachers has been one of your favorites?
One teacher that I’ve really liked is Mr. McCaskey. He was special because he always found a way to make math class fun, while still helping us learn a lot of information.

What’s been the best class you’ve taken at Notre Dame so far?
The best class I've taken so far at NDP was The Bible with Brother Martin during my first semester of freshman year. What made the class so enjoyable was delving into the early Old Testament as well as being taught many things that changed the way I think about the Bible.

Which Notre Dame staff member or coach do you have a special bond with?
I have a special bond with Coach Polega, our strength and conditioning coach. He has pushed me a lot to become faster, stronger, and in better shape for the different sports I play. 

What experience have you had at Notre Dame that’s been a pleasant surprise?
One event that was a lot of fun was Irish Week. Going into Irish Week in 2021, I was not sure what to expect, especially with all the problems that COVID-19 might pose. After I participated in some activities though, I found that it was a lot of fun, and also was a way to interact with other students in competitive yet friendly games.

How do you try to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian, citizen and scholar?
I try to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian by keeping a strong relationship with God, and trying to nurture that relationship by praying and talking with God as often as I can. I try to live the mission as a citizen by trying to put others in the community before myself, which includes always trying to help people when I can. I try to live out the mission as a scholar by dedicating a lot of time and effort into my academics, and by trying to learn as much as I can in my classes.

What advice would you give children and parents considering Notre Dame?
I would tell parents and children that Notre Dame is a place where they will feel very comfortable, and where they will be able to succeed in many aspects of life. I would also say that the environment created by the people at Notre Dame will not only help students achieve many of their goals, but it will also make the journey to those goals very enjoyable.

Nolan Tompkins ’24 (Sophomore)
Previous School:
St. Joseph
Hometown: Rochester, MI
NDP Courses:
Honors Spanish 4
AP United States History
The Paschal Mystery
Honors Integrated Math
AP Computer Science Principles
Language and American Literature
Honors Chemistry