Sana Muqueem

Everyone needs a little kindness

What school activities are you involved in?

I’m involved mainly in theatre for the musical and spring shows, doing makeup and helping build sets as well as acting in previous years. I also participate in several clubs, including National Spanish Honors Society, Polyglot Club, and Optimist Club.

What does the school mission mean to you?

The school mission to me shows how to grow and act both as a student and as an individual. It shows me the way to become a well-rounded person as I progress in school and after I graduate and enter the real world.

How do you strive to live as a Christian, citizen, and scholar in school and in your everyday life?

I strive to live as a Christian, citizen, and scholar by knowing that I can help both others and myself. As a Christian and a citizen, I do my best to help those around me to become the best they can be. I know to be there for others and to be compassionate and loving toward those who may need it. I also try to be an advocate for problems facing our global community by raising awareness for those in need. As a scholar, I try my best to push myself to achieve my goals as well as helping others to achieve their goals through discussion and working together. 

What is one example of how Marist values influenced/encouraged you to approach a problem or challenge differently than you might have before? How do you think those values/skills will help you in the future?

Marist values and the Marist way have taught me to understand that “true strength is found in gentleness,” something I was strongly influenced by when I needed it most. It has taught me to be gentle with others and with myself. It helped me to understand that everyone needs kindness and to be heard, no matter who they are. These skills will help me in the future to understand the needs of others and myself, hopefully helping me to act more like Mary in the way she has shown compassion and hospitality.

What is one of the best things about being a Notre Dame student?

One of the best things about being a student at Notre Dame is being able to work alongside my teachers and the staff. I’ve been very lucky to have such an understanding group of staff during my time at this school. Everyone has been very welcoming and kind to me during my 14 years here, and I feel safe and in good hands.

What is your favorite school event, and why?

My favorite school event is Irish Week! It’s a week of fun and school spirit, as well as healthy competition between grade levels. I love the themes picked each year and the teamwork in each grade to get the highest points.

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