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Sergio Gasperoni

Why did you choose Notre Dame?
I chose NDP because I thought it would be the best fit for me. It has pushed me both inside and outside the classroom as a student, an athlete, and most importantly as a person. Because of this NDP has turned out to be the perfect fit for me.

How have you gotten involved in activities on campus?
I have been playing football from the beginning of my freshman year. Since then it has become a passion for me.

Which of your Notre Dame teachers has been one of your favorites?
“Bromar,” Brother Martin, is one of my favorite teachers. I had him for Bible Studies my freshman year, and ever since then I visit him on the daily. Bromar is someone who is really easy to talk to, and because of that he is one of my favorite teachers at school.

What’s been the best class you’ve taken at Notre Dame so far?
I think that freshman biology, taught by Ms. Yaroch, has been one of my favorite classes so far. I enjoyed getting to apply the knowledge we learned in labs, which were fascinating. Because of that I’m now taking IB Biology. 

Which Notre Dame staff member or coach do you have a special bond with?
Coach Fox is someone I have a special bond with. I see him not only as a football coach but as someone who works to guide me. He is there to support and correct me when I make mistakes both on and off the field.

What experience have you had at Notre Dame that’s been a pleasant surprise?|
Football is something that I have always loved, even while I was in middle school. However, I never expected to love the game as much as I do now. The bonds I have created with my teammates are unbreakable, and that personalizes the game beyond what the spectators can see.

How do you try to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian, citizen and scholar?
I try to live as a Christian and scholar by doing the little things. More specifically I take part in a club that spends time with disabled people on the weekends. Another thing I do is help tutor my siblings when they need it.

What advice would you give children and parents considering Notre Dame?
A piece of advice I would give for families considering NDP is that you are not just joining a school but a community that works to better students and our society. At Notre Dame we learn about the struggles of less fortunate people and the ways we can help them.

Sergio Gasperoni ’23 (Junior)
Previous School:
St. Lawrence
Shelby Township, MI
NDP Courses:
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP Computer Science Principles
IB Biology
Honors Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus
Foundations of Catholic Morality
IB History
AP English Language and Composition
Spanish 3