Middle School

This is a place where your child will learn, will grow, have fun, and be known.

Our school’s mission is to develop good Christian people, upright citizens, and academic scholars who will make our school and our world a better place. We offer a world-class education where academic excellence flourishes and all students are encouraged to be their best selves.

We prepare our students for their next educational journey

We understand students are taking on a new level of independence. Our faculty will guide students through new experiences. We prepare our students for their next educational journey and we take pride in being the supportive bridge between the Upper and Lower Schools.

Working with our mission and also the IB curriculum, we give kids an education that will truly prepare them for the next level."

-- Brandon Jezdimir, Principal, Notre Dame Middle School

Building community across grades

Our unique House system aims to build community across grades and to create leadership opportunities for the students. Each student is placed into one of four Houses: Bon Repos, Cerdon, Hermitage, and Little Seminary of Belley. These names are significant places in the life of Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, who founded the Society of Mary.

Students serve as presidents whose role is to lead meetings and activities within their House. Through various competitions, notably Irish Week, students build camaraderie among their classmates which culminates in the coveted House Cup award.

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