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Educational Technology

At Notre Dame, technology is an integral part of the learning experience for our students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. We believe proficiency with technology is increasingly necessary for everyday life at school, home and in the workplace. To advance the mission of our school and ensure the continued success of students’ enhanced learning experience, Notre Dame integrates technology into all aspects of the learning process. 

We are committed to aiding our students to properly use technology as an instrument to grow their faith, achieve their academic potential, and to become upright digital citizens. 

Providing mobile technology to each student and faculty allows for anytime, anywhere access to dynamic and rich educational resources. This also builds 21st century skills that promotes creativity, collaboration, communication, and the use of critical thinking skills empowered by technology. Additionally, it allows for personalized and self-direct learning, which encourages differentiation of instruction and independent discovery.

We are a 1:1 school

Technology Team

Eden Konja

Eden Konja

Director of Information and Academic Technology
Jason Borngesser

Jason Borngesser

Network Administrator
Eleanor McCaskey

Eleanor McCaskey

IT Technician
Melissa York

Melissa York

Teacher, Technology Specialist

1:1 School

Notre Dame is a 1:1 school, meaning quite frankly we assign one Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple iPad to each student depending on their grade level. We like to think of 1:1 as one teacher to one student – which places the focus on using the technology to facilitate real-time interaction between teacher and student. 

Our 1:1 Device Program includes six guiding principles:  

  • Anytime, Anyplace Learning  
  • Curiosity  
  • Creativity  
  • Engagement and Ownership  
  • Digital Citizenship  
  • Equity of Access

educational technology

Microsoft Showcase School
Notre Dame Preparatory School is part of an elite group of schools around the world known as Microsoft Showcase Schools. This designation recognizes the school’s dedication to a personalized learning approach through technology across all classrooms and curriculum. Learn more here.

Apple Distinguished School
Notre Dame's lower division has been recognized by Apple as a distinguished school for its iPad-powered continuous innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment for 2019-2021. Only about 400 schools are recognized worldwide by Apple with this designation. designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments. Learn more here.