Giving Thanks
Nov. 23, 2020

Notre Dame students in 2020 have a lot to be thankful for. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we asked some students to share what they’re grateful for, the holiday dish they’re most looking forward to eating this year, and whether or not they have faith in the Detroit Lions.

What one thing about Notre Dame are you grateful for?

  • “I am grateful for the teacher-student interaction. The teachers are so kind and understanding. They are always there for students if they need it.” – Lexi, senior
  • “The challenge presented academically.” – Trevor, senior
  • “The ability to meet new people.” – Emilio, junior
  • “The wonderful opportunities the school provides.” – Jamal, sophomore
  • “I am grateful for being able to express my faith at school.” – Bella, senior
  • “I am grateful for the number of leadership opportunities I am able to experience at Notre Dame.” – Paolo, 8th grade
  • “I am grateful to go to school in person.” – Jack, 7th grade
  • “I am grateful for being able to come to the school for in-person learning.” – Alec, 6th grade
  • “I’m grateful for nice teachers, that everyone is kind to me, and I learn a lot.” – Abigail, 4th grade
  • “It’s a good school.” – Eli, kindergarten

What one thing are you grateful for beyond Notre Dame?

  • “Support from my friends and family.” – Lexi, senior
  • “The friendships and relationships I have developed.” – Trevor, senior
  • “Family.” – Emilio, junior
  • “Family.” – Jamal, sophomore
  • “I am grateful for my parents, as well as dance.” – Bella, senior
  • “I am grateful for my family, friends, God, and baseball.” – Paolo, 8th grade
  • “I am grateful for my family and friends who support me through everything I do.” – Jack, 7th grade
  • “I am thankful for my family. They are very supportive, and they provide a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and warm meals on the table. They teach me how to become the best I can be!” – Alec, 6th grade
  • “My family.” – Abigail, 4th grade
  • “Jesus.” – Eli, kindergarten

What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner, and who makes that dish in your family?

  • “My favorite food at Thanksgiving is the dessert. The pumpkin and apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is the absolute best.” – Lexi, senior
  • “Sweet potatoes that my mother makes.” – Trevor, senior
  • “My grandma’s turkey.” – Emilio, junior
  • “Anything my grandma cooks.” – Jamal, sophomore
  • “My favorite food at Thanksgiving is my grandma’s stuffing!” – Bella, senior
  • “I love the honey baked ham my mom makes, and also my Nonna's homemade cream puffs.” – Paolo, 8th grade
  • “My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is my grandma’s turkey.” – Jack, 7th grade
  • “My favorite food at Thanksgiving is my mom's amazing mashed potatoes. They are simply delicious!” – Alec, 6th grade
  • “My dad’s turkey.” – Abigail, 4th grade
  •  “Turkey made by my mom and dad.” – Eli, kindergarten

If the game is played, will the Detroit Lions beat the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving Day?

  • Yes - 5
  • No - 4
  • I'll be too busy eating to care - 1

Notre Dame students are quick to count their blessings. They are many, and they are varied. As a school, we are blessed to have so many bright, generous, thoughtful, passionate and determined students in our care. Every day they inspire us to carry out our mission on their behalf, to help form them into Christians, citizens and scholars who are ready to change the world.

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