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Why Notre Dame

Take the next step toward a brighter future.

Christian People
in union with God

Here students embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ and live out their faith in school and among friends and family. They are called to work humbly behind the scenes, as Mary did, to draw others closer to her Son.

Upright Citizens
who learn to lead

Students learn a deep respect both the local and global communities, especially the marginalized. They are called to serve, to lead and to contribute.

Academic Scholars
who grow in knowledge

Teachers encourage young men and women to ask questions, accept challenges, and welcome opportunities for growth. Our pedagogy is drawn from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Students discover the world for themselves at every grade level.

“Opportunities." A Notre Dame Video

The entire Notre Dame community warmly invites you to apply for admission to our school. We are pleased to offer an online application through MyNotreDame, which provides a virtual checklist of items needed to complete the process. Please click on the inquiry button below to get started on your journey.

Read what Notre Dame means to our students

Thomas Belej

I chose Notre Dame because it has the best academic reputation of any of the Catholic schools in the metro Detroit area.

Ava Baxa

I chose Notre Dame because of the well-rounded atmosphere. The great academics, athletics, clubs and everything else it offers made it seem like a great opportunity for me.

Nolan Tompkins

I try to live the Notre Dame mission as a Christian by keeping a strong relationship with God, and trying to nurture that relationship by praying and talking with God as often as I can.

Natalia Green

I chose Notre Dame because I knew it offered a variety of opportunities to aid my path in life.

Mia Mojares

If someone is considering coming to Notre Dame, I would tell them that it is truly a wonderful place.

Sergio Gasperoni

A piece of advice I would give for families considering NDP is that you are not just joining a school but a community that works to better students and our society.

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Spend time on our site to explore the Notre Dame mission, culture, academics and co-curricular programs, but don’t miss an opportunity to learn more through a scheduled event or personal conversation with an admissions representative. To see what we have to offer and register for an event, click here.