Awards and Scholarships


Varsity Letters
Requirements for earning an NDP varsity letter are established by the coaches and are made available to student-athletes and parents at the beginning of each season.  The letters are distributed to first time letter winners at the school banquet (not individual team gatherings). Varsity letters are awarded in sports that compete in Michigan High School Athletic Association sanctioned sports.   
Club Varsity Letters
Club varsity letters can be earned in dance/pom and equestrian.  An athlete must have completed two years in good standing to receive this award.  A varsity jacket may be ordered after a club varsity letter is earned.
After a student-athlete earns their first varsity letter, pins are awarded for additional varsity letters in any sport.  (Example: a student-athlete earns her first varsity letter her junior year in volleyball so she will receive a physical letter.  If she also receives a varsity letter in basketball her junior year, she wil receive a basketball pin.  If she receives a letter in volleyball her senior year she will receive a volleyball pin).
Varsity letter certificates will be awarded to student-athletes every time they earn a varsity letter and are distributed at the school banquet.  Participation certificates will be awarded to student-athletes who did not earn a varsity letter but are invited to the varsity banquet because they are on a club team or a team with combined varsity and JV athletes (equestrian, sideline cheer, dance/pom, cross country, swimming/diving, wrestling, ski, competitive cheer, track and field, tennis, golf).
Team Awards
At the NDP varsity banquet each season, each team will present three awards: Fighting Irish, Most Improved, and Scholar Athlete.  These awards are at the coaches' discretion.
Dirty Dozen Award
To earn this award, a student-athlete at NDP must complete 12 consecutive seasons of athletics in good standing at the varsity, JV or freshman level.  This includes all sports in which the MHSAA sponsors a championship.
Fall: football, sideline cheer* volleyball, girls golf, boys tennis, boys soccer, boys cross country, girls cross country, girls swimming & diving
Winter: boys basketball, girls basketball, competitive cheer, wrestling, ice hockey, girls ski, boys ski, boys swimming & diving, boys bowling and girls bowling
Spring: baseball, softball, girls soccer, girls tennis, boys golf, girls track and field, boys track and field, girls lacrosse, boys lacrosse
* Due to the nature of competitive cheer, fall sideline cheer may be counted in years that a student-athlete successfully completes full seasons of both fall sideline cheer and winter competitive cheer
Wall of Fame
Student-athletes who receive FIRST TEAM all state honors, as defined by the respective state coaches association for each sport, will have their picture displayed on the Wall of Fame.  Student-athletes who are eligible for the Wall of Fame are encouraged to get their picture taken by the athletic department photographer at a time scheduled by the athletic office but can also submit their own digital picture to be approved for the wall.  It is required that the student-athlete be in proper attire in the picture and recommended that their face is clearly recognizable.  Student-athletes are eligible to have their picture on the Wall of Fame after they graduate from NDP.  An exception to this is when there is a relay team.  Please contact the athletic office with any questions.


Click on scholarship name for more information.  If you have any questions, stop by the athletic office and see Ms. Radulski or email her at

Michigan High School Athletic Association Scholar-Athlete Award

  • Open to all seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale who have won a varsity letter prior to their senior year in a sport in which the MHSAA sponsors a post-season tournament (NDP has cross country, volleyball, football, girls swimming & diving, tennis, golf, basketball, wrestling, skiing, competitive cheer, ice hockey, track and field, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse). 
  • Submit application to the athletic office.  Four boys and four girls from NDP will be selected to be nominated and materials will be sent in to the MHSAA. 
  • Submit draft of sportsmanship essay to Ms. Radulski in advance for review. 
  • 2020 application deadline is December 4, 2020.

Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA) Scholarship

  • Four $1,000 scholarships offered to seniors who hold a minimium GPA of 3.5
  • Senior must have earned a varsity letter in at least two different sports
  • Application requires school staff member support and signatures
  • NDP may submit one male and one female applicant
  • Applications are due February 1, 2021

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) Scholarship

  • State, section and National winners selected
  • Senior must have earned varsity letter in two sports for two years
  • Applicant must have a B+ average GPA and scored a 24 or higher on the ACT
  • Letter of recommendation, administration signature and essay required
  • Hard copy application due February, 2021

Rich Tompkins Multi-Sport Athlete Award

  • Scholarship sponsored by the Michigan High School Coaches Association (MHSCA)
  • Open to seniors who have played a minimum of three sports for all four years of high school
  • NDP may submit one male and one female applicant
  • Applications are due on April 15, 2021

Stan Musial Scholarship

  • Open to seniors of Polish-American descent who have a GPA of 3.2 or better and compete in varsity sports
  • Must be nominated by coach and principal (need letter of recommendation from both)
  • Must write essay on importance of academics and athletics as it relates to leadership and being a positive role model
  • Deadline is March 15, 2021

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship

  • Open to any high school junior (class of 2022)
  • Must play a high school sport
  • Must maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Application period is January 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021

Heisman High School Scholarship

  • Open to high school seniors (class of 2021)
  • Must play a high school sport
  • Must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Application deadline is October 20, 2022