Volunteer Rules and Guidelines

As a member of the Booster Club, you are required to work athletic events during the season in which your student athlete is actively competing.  Please see the specific guidelines here: Volunteer Rules and Guidelines.  There are several ways you can meet this requirement:

  1. Work three events per athlete per sport. The average time investment is between 9 – 10 hours over the course of a sports season. An event can be a shift in the concession stand, or a full season commitment to an officiating job, such as such as keeping the clock/score.  All events/commitments must be recorded 24 hours prior to the shift in the online signup system (VolunteerSpot).
  2. Be a Booster Club Volunteer Coordinator for a non-concession sport (NDP or ND Marist) and report the number of events worked toward each player’s booster commitment to the Booster Club Board.  Due to the difference in the time commitment, this may satisfy the family obligation for the season for all athletes or just one athlete.  Please check the Booster Club Volunteer Coordinator job description for more details.
  3. Be a Booster Club Volunteer Coordinator for an NDP concession sports. The coordinator organizes volunteers for each event, functions as the on-site manager of the volunteers, records/deposits any cash from concession stand sales, and reports the number of events for each player’s booster commitment. In exchange for this, a family’s commitment for all athletes for all seasons is met.

If you prefer to not work events and let the Boosters Club know at the beginning of the sports season, your account will be charged $100 per event at the end of each season. If you don’t work your scheduled events and don’t notify the boosters, the fee will be $125 per event.

How do you sign up?
If you are willing to be a booster club volunteer coordinator, please let the coach and the Booster Club know (VP of NDP John Mervenne or VP of ND Marist Kelly Simon). To sign up to work an event, review the athletic calendar and sign up in VolunteerSpot for the event.  In many cases, the jobs that need to be done will not allow you to watch your student compete.  However, you do not have to work the same sport in which your student-athlete competes.  You may sign up for any available spot that you are comfortable working.  These events are great ways to meet other NDPMA families.

If you would like to serve your families' obligation in a different manner, please use the Booster Club Special Service Form.  Note that all requests must be pre-approved by the Booster Board at a regular meeting.

If your family is experiencing a hardship that prevents the family (students may not work for families' Booster Club credit unless they are 16 years of age), please use the Booster Club Special Service Form and your hardship will be reviewed in a closed Booster Board session.