Middle School Sports

Looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity to hone your athleticism on the field or on the court? Our middle school sports program offers a breadth of options geared toward your interest.

Notre Dame teams compete in the Detroit Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) at the middle and lower school levels.

CYO Athletics is a parish-based program that is dedicated to the development of youth as a student-athlete by encouraging them to express Catholic values, sportsmanship and fair play that leads to a positive athletic experience.

Boys Football - Grades 5 through 8
Girls Volleyball - Grades 4 through 8
Coed Cross Country - Grades 5 through 8
Coed Soccer - Grades 5 through 8
Girls Sideline Cheerleading - Grades 5 through 8

Boys Basketball - Grades 5 through 8
Girls Basketball - Grades 5 through 8
Coed Bowling - Grades 5 through 8

Boys Baseball - Grades 5 through 8
Girls Softball - Grades 5 through 8
Coed Track and Field - Grades 5 through 8

All athletes must be registered at Notre Dame and in good standing to participate. Non-Notre Dame athletes seeking to fill openings for our CYO programs should contact the Athletic Office. Students must have an MHSAA physical form on file for the 2019-2020 school year AND a 2020-2021 MHSAA Health Appraisal form or a 2020-2021 MHSAA physical form dated after April 15, 2020 in order to attend tryouts or practices.

For more information, please contact Athletic Director Aaron Crouse, acrouse@ndpma.org. The Athletic Office can also be reached at athletics@ndpma.org or 248-373-9647.