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We extend our deepest gratitude to the following donors who contributed to the Notre Dame Fund between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.


Bill and Gail Borgiel P’12, GP’33, GP’33, GP’34, GP’34
John and Debbie Burg P’23
Mary Jo Byrd GP’16, GP’18
Pat D’Agostini P’98, P’99, P’01, P’03, GP’30, GP’32
Mike and Jill Genord P’11, P’13, P’16, P’18
Daron and Linda Gifford P’02, P’11
The Henry E. Haller, Jr. Foundation
Frank Migliazzo ND’69 and Gail Migliazzo P’13
Steve and Laura Pangori P’13, P’15, P’17, P’18
Frank and Maureen Roth P’22, P’23

Dan and Jennifer Beaudoin P’19, P’21, P’26, P’27
Andrew Guest ND’84 and Karen Guest P’12, P’16, P’19
Rodney and Maryanne Guest GP’06, GP’08, GP’12,
GP’12, GP’13, GP’16, GP’19
Tom and Shelly Hauck P’17, P’19, P’22
John Henke ND’58 and Vera Ruseckas
Brett and Gayle Hinds P’23
John and Anne Kennedy P’19, P’22
Tim and Shari Knutson P’12, P’15, P’18
Chris and Liza Liparoto P’23, P’24, P’26, P’31
Ed and Christina Lis P’25, P’27
Mike and Lora Mlinarcik P’96, P’99
Mike and Debbie Newman P’17, P’19, P’22
Kris Powell ND’75, P’16
Dave Rice ND’81 and Peggy Rice
Santa Maria Charitable Foundation
John and Shaine Schindler P’18, P’21, P’23
David and Ann Stone P’14, P’21
Bob and Molly Williams P’23
Betty Wroubel S’94


Armando and Francis Betancourt P’24, P’26
James and Holly Borgiel P’22
Pam Bourlier R’05 and Mike Bourlier
Kathy Chinavare R’13
Bryan Domagalski and Celine Mazurek P’09
Sandy Favrow R’10 and Roger Favrow GP’21
Tom and Jennie Kenny P’17, P’19, P’24
Michael and Lisa Kozemchak P’25, P’25 
Harve and Laura Light P’24
Ed and Ronnie Lumm P’22
Sean Maloney ND’75 and Laura Peppler-Maloney
Ray and Amy Mylenek P’16, P’19, P’24, P’24
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Nagle
Phil and Amy Patterson P’05, P’08
Brad and Jill Seitzinger P’18, P’21
Aaron and Deb Silver P’19, P’22, P’26, P’30
Joseph M. Sobota ND’95
Kimberly (McCoy) Stetson NDP’02 and Michael Stetson P’33, P’35
Fr. Stan Ulman
John and Stacy Wernis P’24, P’27


Anonymous (7)
Elizabeth Adderley P’31, P’32
Mary E. Adderley
Carl Anderson and Michelle Holwey P’19, P’22
Diana Atkins S’99 and Tim Atkins P’15, P’17
Brent and Jennifer Bassett P’28
Norm Berlinger ND’62
John and Kim Blakeslee P’18, P’19, P’24
Bill and Laura Brickley P’06, P’09
Rob and Liz Brisley P’14, P’20, P’21
Dan and Linda Brouns P’19, P’22
Bob and Barb Brzustewicz GP’16, GP’21
Bob Bury ND’71 and Mary Ann Bury
Tony and Michele Chabot P’17, P’21, P’21
Justin and Jaime Cherfoli P’25, P’28
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Brian Connolly NDP’04
John and Jane Connor GP’23, GP’25, GP’28
Chris and Tiffany Cukrowski P’22, P’27, P’31
Rob and Linda D’Orazio P’12
Lani (Domagalski) Duffy NDP’09 and Joe Duffy
Tim Easterwood P’21
John Francis ND’83
Steven and Sue Frank P’26, P’28
Fabian Fregoli ND’89 and Loreta Fregoli P’18, P’20, P’25
Steve and Maureen Galle P’22, P’25
Mark Gaynor ND’83 and Carrie Gaynor P’17, P’20, P’20
Paul Gaynor ND’84 and Rita Gaynor P’12, P’18, P’20
Preet Gill and Navneet Athwal P’25, P’30
Dennis and Cathy Goebel P’05, P’07
Stan Guest ND’80 and Lily Guest P’06, P’08, P’12, P’13
Pat Haddad ND’81 and Liz Haddad
Ron and Paula Hall P’25
Jerry Hendler and Denise Glassmeyer P’06, P’09, P’13, P’17
Bob Hoehn SF’60 and Judy Hoehn
Kevin and Lisa Houle P’15
Ryan and Stephanie-Lynn Huffmaster P’29, P’33
Andy and Lisa Hunter P’23, P’25, P’27
Rob and Suzanne Huth P’12, P’14, P’17
Ruth Irwin GP’19, GP’22
Joe Jatcko ND’63
Phil Jeszke ND’76 and Dawn Jeszke P’10, P’14
Mike Juszczakiewicz NDP’98
Tom and Nickalene Kalas P’10, P’11, P’16
Jon and Cecilia Karr P’14, P’20
Mike Kelly ND’73, S’08 and Cindi Kelly P’00, P’03
Dale Kirk and Denise Kelly-Kirk P’11, P’15
Chris and Janet Kostiz P’22
Norm Kotarski R’08
Joe Kotzan ND’70 and Donna Kotzan P’98, P’01, P’05
John LaMacchia and Kristen Herman-LaMacchia P’23
Jeff and Deborah Lambrecht P’17, P’19
Bob and Jill Lanham P’23, P’25
Edward and Marilyn Lis GP’25, GP’27
Beth Lockhart S’14 and Scott Lockhart NDP’98, P’25, P’27, P’30
John Maruschak ND’59 and Margaret Maruschak
Amy McLeod S’14 and Craig McLeod P’21, P’23
Brad and Mariann Merrelli P’02, P’04, P’06
Chris Milback and Barb Ciesliga P’21, P’23, P’25
Inacio and Andrea Moriguchi P’12, P’14
Bruce and Cathy Morris P’02
Chuck and Laura Nadeau P’21, P’24
Steve and Julie Neiheisel P’14, P’18
Kathleen Offer S’08
Robert Opie and Amy Isenberg P’32, P’34
Paul and Laurel Ostin P’00, GP’30
Andre and Anna Palardy GP’12, GP’14
Mary Jane Pasko R’20 and Randy Pasko P’06, P’07, P’10
Donna Pieper P’16, P’18, P’22
Jim and Becky Ricci P’22, P’24
Carl and Tiffany Rose P’23, P’25
Scott and Wendy Rossmiller P’27
Tony and Jane Rudder GP’31
Roberta (Cahill) Saling SF’46
Greg and Kit Scheessele P’15, P’19
Patrick and Sandi Seyferth P’17, P’21
Jason and Dana Shook P’27, P’33
Kelly Simon F’18 and Jim Simon P’24, P’26, P’29
Joe Spada R’05 and Jo Lake-Spada
St. Mary of the Hills
Tom and Dorothy Stuart GP’12, GP’14, GP’14, GP’16, GP’17, GP’19, GP’20
Kevin Finn and Janice Suchan P’19
Ed and Robin Tashjian P’04, P’05, P’07, P’10
Joe Vicari ND’75 and Rosalie Vicari
Noel and Emily Villajuan P’26, P’30
Mary Watson S’13 and Bob Watson P’12, P’15
Erin (Bonnivier) White NDP’99 and Jason White Sue Wylie P’06, R’15

Anonymous (2)
Daniel and Michelle Acciavatti P’26
David and Ann Marie Allard P’14, P’14, P’17, P’20, P’22
Kim Anderson S’97 and Vince Anderson P’20, P’23
Gregory and Stephanie Bockart P’34
David Bonior ND’63 and Judy Bonior
Jim Brown SF’53 and Rosemary (Bentham) Brown SM’53
David and Johanna Byrd P’26, P’28
Kevin and Laura Carter P’26, P’29
Chad and Ashley Clark P’34, P’36
Tom Cousins and Sharyn Yambrick-Cousins P’18, P’22
Brian and Crystal Davis P’33, P’34
Matthew and Brittany Davis P’33, P’34
David and Lisa Dedvukaj P’28, P’34
Joseph and Katherine DiMeglio P’22
Mike and Mary Durkin P’00, P’01, P’06, P’12, P’14, P’16, P’16
Randy and Christie Evans P’05, P’10
Joe and Eileen Fandino P’18, P’21, P’25
Pat Fox F’14 and Rene Fox P’22, P’22
Moses Fram NDP’03 and Jessica Fram P’33, P’35
Jim Gammicchia NDP’99
Sergio Gasperoni ND’90 and Kelly Gasperoni P’23, P’25
Albert Gelles ND’94
Ed and Carrie Greif P’19, P’22
John and Polly Gruden P’16, P’22
Walid and Lena Haddad P’30
Scott and Cynthia Hannah P’26
Kurt and Gina Hoensheid P’15, P’22
Bryan and Reba Johnson P’26
Timothy and Laura Kalil P’22, P’24
Jim and Rosemary Kautz P’20, P’22
Brian and Sara Kelly P’33, P’34
Michael and Fay Larsson P’19, P’22
Patrick Lenz PC’71
Mike Locricchio ND’70
Jesse and Marjorie Lopez P’13, P’19
James Lyijynen and Heather Sullivan P’15, P’19, P’22
Richard and Gail Marquette P’15, P’15
Joe Martin F’98
Mark McCaskey F’97 and Eleanor McCaskey S’12
Eric and Janean McCormick P’25, P’32, P’34, P’36, P’36
Dave and Cathy Milback GP’21, GP’23, GP’25
Paul Nahra ND’93 and Genevieve Nahra P’28, P’30, P’33
John and Raquel Orow P’22, P’24
Ken Parent R’05
Br. Louis Plourde, s.m. Fr. Bill Promesso ND’76
Christopher Remishofsky P’27, P’27
Br. Martin Singer Obl. OSB
Ellen Tessada R’12 and James Tessada P’00
Bonner and Shannon Upshaw
Thomas and Elizabeth Vanhecke P’25, P’27
Bernardo and Eleanor Villajuan GP’26, GP’29
Joshua and Nicole Welsh P’28
Paul and Chauntael Yousef P’34, P’35


Anonymous (6)
Carol (Flanders) Atkinson SM’54
Camilo Ballesty and Constanza Bulit P’19, P’22, P’25, P’32
Pete and Maureen Basile P’14, P’22
JP and Becky Blanchard P’28, P’31
Tony Block ND’80, S’05 and Maureen Block P’08
Kathy Bowers S’03 and Ken Bowers P’07, P’12, P’16
Tom and Jane Boyer GP’25, GP’28
William and Janice Buck GP’18, GP’23
Patrick and Janice Carraher P’20, P’22 Jeff and Karen Carroll P’30, P’32
Rick and Marge Ciesla GP’24, GP’33
Carol Ciesliga GP’21, GP’23, GP’25
Susan Clifford P’02
Carol (Drake) Cole PC’73 and David Cole P’97, P’99, P’05, GP’33, GP’35, GP’35
Brent and Crystal Consiglio P’29, P’35
Steve and Marie Cooper GP’30, GP’34
Frank Coppola ND’73 and Robyn Coppola P’00, P’03
Rich Corteville ND’68, P’99
Vera Dabish NDP’05 and Henry Dabish P’31, P’33, P’35
Doug Dascenzo ND’77
Matt and Lorri DeAngelis P’20
Edward and Margaret DeChambeau GP’17, GP’18, GP’21, GP’23
Matthew and Cristina Dekutoski P’29
Denise (Charlebois) Denis PC’73 and Dave Denis P’01, P’04, P’07
Dave Disser ND’89 and Jennifer Disser
Kathy Downs R’09 and Richard Downs
Tom Durkin NDP’00 and Lauren Durkin
Ken Engler ND’61, R’09 and Susan Engler 
Matthew and Kristen Fox P’27
Marilyn Gaynor P’83, P’84, P’89, GP’12, GP’17, GP’18, GP’20, GP’20, GP’20
Gehael and Lina Ghaith P’17, P’22
Matt Gonzales ND’75 and Virginia Gonzales
Eric Griesmer ND’74
Bobbie (Bieszki) Hall NDP’00, F’07 and Jeff Hall
Alexander and Yvonne Hillis
Leon and Mary Holwey GP’19, GP’22
Robert Houck SF’56
Scott and Angie Janssen P’25
Cameron and Karen Justusson P’24, P’26
Patricia Juszczakiewicz P’98
John Kaminski ND’86 and Joan Pletcher
Paul and Dawn Kauffman P’13, P’13, P’16, P’16
Caitlin Kelly NDP’09
Steve and Dawn Kilanowski P’24, P’26
Ms. Christine Klemm
Eden Konja S’15 and Dahlia Konja P’22, P’24, P’24
Benjamin and Sarah Krater P’34
Della Lawrence S’12 and David Lawrence P’17, P’23
Dan and Shellie Lebanion P’26
Jim and Tracy Lenz P’19, P’22
Ashley Lewis P’28, P’35, P’36
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Limer Al Long ND’74
Caroline Luongo-Morgan F’13 and Tom Morgan
John and Donna Maniaci P’16, P’19, P’22
Victor Daogaru and Ancuta Matei P’25
Jeffrey and Johanna McCormick P’28
Tesfamariam Metiku and Genet Wasihun P’34
Robert and Maria Mijac P’24
Jerry and Gayle Mineweaser GP’23
Bill and Nadine Mott P’99, P’02, P’04, P’07, P’10
Fr. Bob Nalley ND’62
Michael and Abigail Novara P’32
Fr. Leon Olszamowski, s.m. ND’65
Peter Palka ND’71
Jake and Katrina Palushaj P’15, P’16
Chris and Melissa Paradiso P’30, P’31
Kelly (Cole) Patterson NDP’99, S’05
and Bob Patterson S’03, P’33, P’35, P’35
Adam Paulson NDP’99 and Danielle (Berry) Paulson NDP’99, P’25
Tom and Lisa Perkins P’13, P’14, P’15, P’20, P’23, P’25
Joe Petrella NDP’08
William and Shirley Phillips GP’19, GP’21, GP’25
Matt and Ellen Piechocki P’24, P’26
Richard and McKenzie Platt P’28
Michael and Teresa Quinn P’23, P’25, P’28
Archana and Kaarthick Ramaseshan P’31
Peter Rehm PC’76 and Jodi Rehm P’11
Daryl Rollins ND’68 and Rosanne Rollins
Stephen and Kristin Ruschak P’23, P’25
Patty Salazar F’10
Jeremiah and Jill Savage P’34
Mr. Glenn D. Short
Stuart and Kimberly Siegner P’19, P’22
Dan and Daniela Simjanovski P’28
Fernando and Claudia Spada P’24
Sue Spring PC’76
Ron Steffens ND’60, P’95
Pat Stieber ND’92 and Jill Stieber P’26, P’28
Noah Stith and Judy Choe P’34
George and Tiffany Stolzenfeld P’27, P’28
Gerard and Kerry Surmann P’22, P’25
Ms. Katherine T. Swieca-Brockman and Mr. Brian Brockman
David and Kimberley Teolis P’25
Trent Thiry NDP’00 and Kristen Thiry
Katherine Thomas F’11 and Steven Thomas
Paul and Tricia Trulik P’22, P’24
Matthew Urbanski NDP’98
and Tracy Urbanski P’31, P’34
Mike and Regina VanDieren P’17, P’19, P’22
Mike and Marisa Vogel P’26
Greg and Ann White P’19, P’23
Kevin and Ginny Wisely P’25
Mark Zuby P’01, P’04
Cathy Zuccaro R’21 and Mark Zuccaro


Anonymous (17)
Laurette Alkidas R’04 and Alex Alkidas
Derek and Jennifer Archey P’18, P’23, P’26
Cal Bailey ND’78
Jay and Mary Anne Banninger P’23
Christopher and Karin Barr P’22, P’28
Tom Bejma ND’61
Merlin and Sharon Bellinger GP’22
Tom and Nancy Bennett P’21, P’21
Mike and Sherry Berry P’99, P’02, P’10
Tom and Brenda Bicknell
Jim Bieszki ND’71 and Michele Bieszki
Jeff Bieszki ND’72 and Trudy Hughes
John and Stephanie Bingham P’26
Douglas Scott and Melissa Bissett P’24
Tom Blomquist ND’62 and Ann Blomquist
Mike and Debbie Bloomgren P’05, P’07, P’10
Fred Boehle GP’17, GP’23
Mr. Kyle A. Boes
Neil and Sandy Boggemes P’98, P’00
Don and Mary Jo Bokshan P’08
Dave Bologna ND’77 and Darcy Bologna P’14, P’20
Margie Bond S’02 and Thomas Bond
Richard and Heather Bordogna P’27, P’29, P’33
Mr. Richard J. Bosler
Joe Bourgeois ND’71 and Irene Bourgeois
Mark Bowers NDP’07 and Kate Bowers
Larry Boyer PC’71
Kristine Bozicevich P’01, P’03, P’06
Dave Brazier ND’79 and Michele Brazier
Janine Brown P’99
Michael and Amy Burek P’21
Matthew and Mellisa Burtraw P’24, P’26
Anthony Butorac F’08
and Angela Butorac P’31, P’31, P’33, P’34
Suzanne Buyse GP’12, GP’14, GP’23
Julie Byrd P’33
Rich Caloia ND’60 and Janice Caloia
Katherine Carlson NDP’15
Charlie Carnaghie ND’58
Matteo Carpanese and Elisa Carraro P’28
Bob and Athena Carson P’22
Kathy Casteel GP’30
Chad and Jennifer Caudill P’29
Edward Chenhalls PC’79
John and Dee Ciszewski P’00, P’02, P’04, P’08, P’16
Vincent Collura ND’86 and Luann Collura
Patrick and Michele Connolly P’19
Joseph and Kathleen Conroy P’14, P’18, P’18, P’23
Mike Cosky ND’67 and Glynda Cosky
Ben Czerniawski ND’74 and Kathy Czerniawski
Joseph Degnan NDP’05 and Sarah (Ohlsson) Degnan NDP’05
Ron DelVillano ND’82 and Marlene DelVillano
Tim and Colleen Delaney P’25
Cheryl DePorre P’08, P’11, P’15, P’21
Jason and Jamie Digrande P’26, P’28 
Robert and Anabelle DiPilla P’32, P’35
Bob and Jill Dudek GP’25, GP’27, GP’30


James Duke ND’58
Ms. Kathleen Duquette
Edward and Heather Dzurko P’19, P’21, P’24
Sarah Egner P’13
Phillip and Stephanie Estrellas P’25
Mr. Julio Aravena and Ms. Jacqueline Evola
Frank Fazi ND’73 and Monica Fazi P’02, P’05, P’06
Greg and Jane Fletcher P’23
Tom and Lesia Fodell P’04, P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Formica Brendan Fortinberry NDP’06
Karim and Nedaa Fram P’03, P’05, P’07
Paul Frank F’03 and Jorja Rapelje
Rachel Fruchey F’14
Robert and Maria Galbraith P’22, P’25
Luca Gasperoni NDP’25
John Gaynor ND’89 and Lisa Gaynor P’26, P’28
Gus and Claire Gebara P’16, P’19
Rick Gianino ND’74
Bruno and Gina Giglio P’22, P’27
Mark and Maria Glenn P’02, P’04, P’06, P’08, P’10
Dennis Gmerek ND’72 and Debra Gmerek
Jim Grabowski ND’79
Rob Grozenski ND’72 and Kathy Grozenski P’03, P’05
Dave Guest ND’78 and Kathy Guest
Mark and Jennifer Gust P’14, P’15, P’25, P’26
Jeffrey and Melissa Haddad P’25
Mark and Luain Hajjar P’28
Alethea (Barnes) Hall PC’68, P’99
Tom and Emmy Harrison GP’18, GP’19, GP’24
Jeff Healy NDP’98
and Lisa (Syrowik) Healy NDP’98, P’25, P’27
Mr. and Mrs. William Heeter
Roger and Jean Heimbuch GP’19, GP’20, GP’25
Tad and Monica Hershey P’14
Bob Hindelang ND’64 and Paula Hindelang P’00, P’01
Mark Hindelang ND’01
Andrew Hohner NDP’05 Rob and Eileen Hohner P’05
Dan Hollenkamp ND’68
and Denise Hollenkamp P’01, P’03, P’05
Mary Ann Homann GP’34
Cecilia (Hensel) Huff SM’54
Bryan Hufstedler and Irina Kashcheyeva P’32, P’34
Brian and Shelley Hughes P’27, P’28
Jim Hurst ND’73 and Kathryn Hurst
Ryan and Stella Husch P’21, P’24 Daniel Hutchinson P’25
Charles Hynous ND’58 and Carol Hynous
Sam Iaquinto ND’83 and Anne Iaquinto
Daniel and Nicolette Jenaras P’09, P’11
Roy Johnson R’04 and Madryn Johnson
Jim Kalamajka ND’60 and Cheryl Kalamajka
Audrey Karagosian NDP’06
Rick and Patti Karlewski P’09, P’11
Jamal and Widad Kassab GP’22, GP’24, GP’24
Renee Kendall NDP’09
Cam and Kristen Kennedy P’27
Joe Kleiner SF’50
Jerry Klimek ND’61 and Gwen Klimek
Tom Klimek ND’71 and Mary Klimek
Mike Knoll ND’76 and Cynthia Knoll
Bob Kocis ND’75 and Jane Kocis
Jonathan and Cathy Kosin P’28, P’32, P’34
Mark Krankel ND’93 and Lin Krankel P’22, P’24
Michael and Deborah Krencicki P’18
Kim Kriesel F’04 and Jesse Kriesel P’29, P’33
Benjamin and Heidi Krpichak P’30
Dan Lai S’19 and Amy Lai P’35
Joe Lane ND’88 and Rayna Lane Vince Larsson NDP’19
Marilyn Lawrence GP’17, GP’23
Eric and Crystal Lawroski P’17, P’19, P’22
Randall and Lynne Leach P’21
Patrick and Kimberly Lee P’20, P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Leigh
Michael Lesnau NDP’06
Krysta (Ciszewski) Lesneski NDP’00 and John Lesneski
Matthew and Holly Leuchtmann P’24, P’26
Joanne Liu F’08 and Xiao-Dong Guo P’24
Tracy (Carey) Logan NDP’00 and Tim Logan
Ed Lorenz ND’89 and Carolyn Lorenz P’23, P’25
Joe and Carolyn Love P’28
Radu and Mihaela Lovin P’28
John and Gjina Lucaj P’31, P’34
Nina Lucido NDP’11
Kurt Ludwig ND’90 and Kristen Ludwig P’22, P’24
Michael Lueck ND’60
James Lyijynen GP’15, GP’19, GP’22
Tom Manney ND’82
Dennis Maraone ND’70, P’98, P’00
Mrs. Suzan D. Maraone 
Edward and Lorena Marchese P’24, P’26
Scott and Jennifer Marlinga P’25, P’28
Joe and Carol Mazzeo GP’25, GP’29
John and Sharleen McCann P’23
Don and Michele McCoy P’00, P’02, GP’33, GP’35
Pat and Darby McEvilly P’05, P’08
Trisha Mell P’22
John Micallef ND’86 and Jodi Micallef
Dennis Michels ND’70 and Anne Michels
Steve and Kirstin Mikel P’25, P’28
Bob Mishige ND’64 and Faith Mishige
Kathy Mitchell R’09 and Tom Mitchell P’02
Jeffrey and Susan Mohr P’20, P’21
Patrick and Andrea Moran P’19, P’20
George and Kathy Morehouse P’02, P’05
Mrs. Betty Morici
Mike Mortier ND’59 and Evelyn Mortier
Mark and Meghan Mullen P’12, P’15, P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Mulvey
Rick Murphy ND’74 and Cathy Murphy
Danny Nackerman PC’75
and Ann (Long) Nackerman PC’75
Judith (Lamphere) Nestor SM’62
Ms. Patrice A. Newberry
Ed and Lucy Niemczycki P’00, P’03, P’07
Scott and Patty Noga P’22
Kevin and Beth Nunning P’25, P’28
Sajid and Nicole Orow P’22, P’27
Virginia Ostroskie GP’14, GP’18, GP’18, GP’23
Joseph Panella ND’77 and Ann Marie Panella
Gerald Parka ND’68 and LouAnn Parka
John Parthum ND’63, R’09
and Marianne Parthum P’93, P’96
Ginny Pauwels R’19 and Joe Pauwels P’05
Alfred and Megan Perkaj P’27, P’29
Ms. Theresa Peterson
Mike Petrucci ND’62 and Janet Petrucci
Anthony and Courtney Plas P’23, P’25
Chris Polsinelli S’00 and Melissa Polsinelli P’24
Don Polsinelli ND’65, GP’24
Steven and Holly Powell P’24, P’26
Jan and Ludmila Pyko P’05, P’09
Roger Quitter ND’64 and Pat Quitter
Gary Raczak ND’64 and Joyce Raczak
Jeff Ranieri ND’83 and Joy Ranieri
Patrick Raye P’33
Michael Reid ND’79 and Rina Reid P’23
Brian and Bernadette Renard P’34
Ryan and Angie Renne P’26
Mike Ricci ND’65
Christine Ritchie GP’25, GP’28
Ronald Ritchie GP’25, GP’28
Mark Roberts S’18
Tanya Robin P’24, P’26, P’27
Whitney Robinson ND’98 and Zoey Robinson P’24, P’27
Monica (Denis) Roca NDP’04 and Christopher Roca
Tom Roehl ND’72
Vanessa (DiPonio) Ruffino NDP’06 and Anthony Ruffino
Gerry Rumph ND’60 and Geri Rumph P’01
Paul Sales ND’59 and Carol Sales
Lorine Samuels GP’21, GP’24
Mark Schervish ND’71 and Nancy Shurlow
Fred Schweitzer ND’61
Thomas Seaman and Kristen Niemi P’19, P’25
Michael and Kelly Sermo P’22, P’24
Jim Sesi S’14
Mike Shaw ND’75 and Patricia Shaw
Candace Shields NDP’02 and Scott Shields
Gregory Simon ND’89, S’95 and Lacey Story P’22
Paul Simpson ND’76 and Emily Simpson
Joseph Skoney P’13 and Luisa Skoney Bev Smith R’07
Paul and Catherine Spevetz P’22, P’25
St. Fred’s Alumni
Mrs. Rebecca H. Stephenson
Tim and Karen Stetson GP’33, GP’35
Erin Stone NDP’14
Justin Stone NDP’21
Ken and Karen Sucher P’01, P’03, P’06
Paul Suchyta NDP’04
Frank and Terry Supancic GP’24, GP’26, GP’29
Beth Surowiec P’28
Chet Szerlag ND’66 and Judy Mouilleseaux
Donald and Stephanie Tatum P’12, P’13, P’15
Laurie Terzano P’10, P’12, P’13, P’17
John and Angela Timko P’14, P’23
Marc and Julie Topoleski P’18, P’20
John Trinkwalder ND’62
John and Marianne Uhazie P’19, P’23
Craig Urban ND’64 and Diane Urban
Zig Urbanski P’98, P’01, GP’31, GP’34
Thomas and Sandra Utash GP’26, GP’28
Chuck and Sandy Valdez GP’24 
Kevin Carlisle and Rachelle Valdez P’24
Christine Van Dam R’10 and Craig Van Dam
Kenneth and Jen VanNorwick P’24
Tom Vitale ND’75 and Jill Vitale Joseph and Laura Viviano P’23
Ms. Krista Vogt
Jim von Hatten ND’65
Lynn von Hatten ND’63 and Barbara von Hatten
Kevin and Gilda Wachowiak P’24
Scott and Mary Wade P’24 Christine (Praet) Walker NDP’01
and Travis Walker P’27
Karen Weaver R’08 and Charles Weaver
Bob Welliver ND’66
Mark Wezner NDP’04 Matthew and Kim Wolfe P’24
Richard and Colleen Woodcox P’99, P’03, P’08
Sheri Yanik S’11 and Ron Yanik ND’78, P’10, P’12, P’18
Greg and Trena Yauch GP’30, GP’30
Bill Zablocki ND’70 and Deborah Zablocki
Dennis and Sharon Zelek P’17
Art and Beth Zelinsky P’05, P’09
Philip and Melissa Zink P’24

Gold Club 

Anonymous (5)
David and Jaime Abbott P’23, P’25
Dr. Denise Acierno
Maddie Allard NDP’17
Mary Allard NDP’14
Alfredo Alonso and Viviana Lopez-Alonso P’22, P’27
Donald and Elizabeth Baxa GP’31
Anthony and Maria Benenati P’22
Brian and Janet Binkowski P’29
James Bleau PC’76 and Mari Ann Bleau
Robert and Amy Boniface P’12, P’14, P’16, P’19
Mrs. Barbara J. Bozell
Michael and Andrea Brook P’25, P’27
Dennis Bryll ND’62 and Doris Bryll
John and Katherine Byrne GP’22, GP’24 Sandra Calamari P’00, P’02
Mrs. Mary Lynn Carver Michael Chimko NDP’02
Jim Chylinski ND’66 and Patricia Chylinski
Steve and Nora Creek P’19, P’21, P’24, P’26
Jack and Pat Dalton GP’15, GP’17
Robert Deeter PC’76 and Lisa Deeter Jackie (Tatham) Dix SM’48
Chuck and Diane Dorantes P’16
Dennis Embo ND’70 and Rosemary Embo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ferriby
Gerard Franchina ND’72 and Livia Franchina
Kiana Gamez NDP’27
Benjamin and Shannon Gietzen P’36
Rami and Jennifer Haddad P’34
Sean and Sandy Haley P’31
Gale (Vitasinski) Harrington SF’60
Lawrence and Machaelene Hearn P’00, P’02
Barry and Sally Hedley GP’19, GP’22
John and Terry Hensler P’20, P’24
Thomas and Claudia Heuer P’98, P’01, GP’31, GP’34
Fran Higgins GP’18
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Hintz Karen Holland P’00, P’04, P’08
Tim Hopman ND’82 and Thea Hopman
Paul Hullinger P’25
Dan Hutchinson ND’71 and Ann Hutchinson, GP’25
Bruce Irwin PC’71
Nadheer and Zeena Issa P’24
John and Denisse Jolokai P’28
Chris and Kimberly Jones P’15, P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Joynt
Kenneth and Andrea Karasek P’25, P’27
Bob Karl ND’68 and Brenda Karl
Mike Kastler ND’75 and Julie Harris-Kastler
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kenny NDP’17
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Komendera
John and Margaret Kukawinski P’06, P’08
Krzysztof and Paula Kulesza P’06
Mike LaCharite ND’72 and Vicki LaCharite
Jan Lewis GP’23
Mary Lewis PC’80 Mr. Sam Liang
Doug and Leslie Lockhart P’98
Bill and Rachelle Lopez P’20, P’22
Louise Lorenz P’12
Gary Mahoney ND’80 and Lisa Mahoney
Vic Marrocco ND’62 and Fran Marrocco
Salvatore and Laryssa Munaco P’18, P’23
Kurt Nadolski ND’77 and Mary Nadolski P’06
Jere and Wisetta Neill P’14 
Annmarie (Colombo) Nguyen NDP’06 and Chau Nguyen P’34
Mike Orrico ND’81 and Janine Orrico
Michael Perlin ND’69 and Christina Perlin
Jim and Mary Lou Powers P’07, P’13
Achim and Holly Quandt P’25
Joy Quick-Burhans GP’10, GP’12, GP’18
Gay Radulski GP’26, GP’26
Kenneth and Deborah Ritzema P’06
Duane and Julie Roose P’15, P’17, P’18, P’23
Josue and Toni Rosa P’22
Ann (Ryder) Schulte PC’82
and Edward Schulte P’09, P’13
Edward and Katie Schwartz P’27
Meredith (Gifford) Scott NDP’02, F’15
and Mark Scott
Pat Scully-Strong SF’64 and David Strong
Jim Snodgrass ND’60 and Doris Snodgrass
David and Aubin Sobczak
John Staniszewski ND’71 and Paula Staniszewski
Michael and Anna Marie Stewart P’11
Sean Stringer NDP’03 and Chelsea Stringer
Chuck Stuart PC’83
and Ellen Stuart P’12, P’14, P’16, P’19
Carl Tenuta SM’46
John and Jennifer Valentine P’25
Bill Welliver R’04 and Marilee Welliver
Evan and Sue Williams P’02, P’04
Midge Williams F’10 and Bert Williams P’06
Gary Wilson ND’60 and Catherine Wilson
Jennette Wrobel F’13 and Michael Wrobel P’31, P’36
Bob Yanik ND’72
Jocelynn Yaroch F’02 and Anthony Yaroch
Phil and Tomomi Zanolli P’29
Mr. Phil Zepeda

Green Club 

Anonymous (5)
Hamsalekha Kurutati and Vamsi Aavula P’36
Elizabeth Allard NDP’14
Margaret Allard NDP’20
James and Meghan Allcorn P’34, P’37
Pierre and Elizabeth Atallah P’25, P’27, P’29, P’35
Franci Atcho F’18
Pete and Stacy Babich P’22
Paul Barker ND’88 Mary Bennett P’10
Mr. Ryan Bowse Logan Brown NDP’15
Terry Buda ND’71 and Elizabeth Buda
Katie Christ NDP’15
Carolyn Ciesla P’24, P’33
Tim and Katherine Coffin P’23
Richard and Saporaw Cok P’29, P’34, P’34
Mark Coley ND’85 and Fran Coley
Andre Daher ND’89 and Teresa Daher
Tony DelVillano ND’81 and Pauline DelVillano
Ed and Kathy Dickenson GP’21, GP’24, GP’27
Caitlin Dodge NDP’99
Charlie Donaldson GP’22
Lisa Donaldson P’22
Richard and Nancy Elsey P’98, P’01
Ken and Lisa Feinstein P’23
Butch Finnegan PC’68 and Geriann Finnegan
Damien and Drita Fron P’31
Phyllis (Pfeffer) Gaffney SF’48
Jacqueline Gartin P’25
Hannah Genord NDP’13
Dominique and Paulette Grass P’25
Todd Grzelewski ND’84 and Sheila Grzelewski
Peter and Abby Gumma P’25, P’27, P’30
Laura Hand S’16
Joe Heitjan SM’60
Bill Holland NDP’00
Susan Hunter-Page PC’75 and Randy Page
Hannah Hutchinson NDP’25
Jeff and Kelli Ivory P’27, P’29
Joan Kopytek S’97, P’00
Paul LaRiviere ND’68, P’99, P’04
Jeff and Amy Linenfelser P’23
Brian Maraone NDP’98
Bernard and Colette Marek GP’11, GP’13, GP’22
Adam and Stacy McFall P’26, P’28, P’30
Mike and Sara McGlynn P’24
Tina McLaughlin F’06
Ninfa (Paramo) Mendoza SF’55
Gil Merciez ND’67
Kathy (Culloty) Miller SF’67, R’12 and Peter Miller
Neil Murphy ND’68 and Colleen Murphy
Tim Nawrocki ND’67 and Brenda Nawrocki
Dean Niforos ND’85 and Angie Niforos
Tulicaa Ochani NDP’24
Alan Palazzolo ND’71
Dennis Parle SF’60
Jeffrey Plonski P’18
Maureen Radulski S’13, P’26, P’26
Curt Ranger ND’70 and Diane Ranger
Mrs. Arlene M. Reinhart
Thilo and Ines Riegel P’31, P’33
Paul and Maria Roth P’23
Bridget Scully SF’66
Claire Seitzinger NDP’18
Brendan and Christie Shaw P’21
Gracie Silver NDP’19
Ron Smith ND’64 and Susan Smith
Dennis Spensley ND’90 and Suzanne Spensley
Tracie St. John Vianney P’25
Jim Stano ND’71 and Donna Green-Stano
Daniel and Kathryn Stetson P’23, P’25
Barbara Stone GP’14, GP’21
Ron Wagoner SF’53
John Weishaar SM’55
Richard Zaslona ND’58 and Carol Zaslona
Haiou Zhu and Wan Xu P’27

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