Letter of Recommendation

Steps to follow BEFORE you fill out the form:

1.     Copy this form into a Google Document

2.     While you do not need to answer all of the questions, it is to your benefit to try and answer as many questions as possible.

Steps to follow AFTER you complete the form:

1.     BEFORE you send it to your teacher please email them to request permission.

2.     Complete the form and send it to your counselor and your teacher.

3.     Go to Naviance. 

4.     On your home page click on "Colleges" tab

5.     Click on the "applying to college" option. 

6.     Click on "letters of recommendation".

7.     Click on "add request" box

8.     Click on "select a teacher" and then select your recommending teacher and which college you need the letter for.

9.     Write your recommender a quick thank you or add any additional or special info which will also serve as a reminder for them to write your letter.

10.  Click on "Submit request".  Your recommender will receive an email and your name will be added to their recommendations to do list.  The request will also be added to your "Colleges I'm applying to page so that you can track when it is completed.

Click here for the form