President's Letter

The Notre Dame Preparatory and Marist Academy Parents Club is an organization of parents representing all three divisions of the school.  We support the mission of the school “ With God, we form Christian People, Upright Citizens and Academic Scholars”. We accomplish our goal through many roles including fundraising, sponsoring social events, supporting curricular functions such as theater, band, choir, and promoting several extra-curricular activities. The Parents Club exists and functions because of the volunteer commitment of the parents and guardians of our children.

The Parents Club is involved in seven main areas.  We are always looking for motivated chairs and volunteers to help us with these critical activities.  Please contact one of our officers if you are interested in becoming more involved.


The Parents Club is responsible for a substantial contribution to the schools operating budget.  Our formula, which has proven to be quite successful, is one of consolidated fundraising.  We begin each school year with the Super Raffle.  The Super Raffle is a fundraiser designed so that each family can contribute equally and in a manner that best meets their individual circumstances.  A family may purchase their committed amount of raffle tickets or sell them.  Each year many families go above and beyond their committed amounts and bring in additional funds to the school and our program.  Each year Alumni Parents and Alumni Students support our school and help the next generation of NDPMA graduates.

The Arts

Exposure to the Arts is an important part of a student's learning experience. Our parents support drama, chorus, orchestra, band, and the visual arts activities by assisting with transportation, publicity, costumes, programs, make-up, meals, refreshments, and much more.  The Parents Club is proud to be able to provide our High School students with a high-quality performance venue for the Fall Musical each year.  The Parents Club also reinvests some of the funds in equipment (such as wireless microphones) so that our student performers can be exposed to the right technologies.

Extra-curricular Clubs

Children’s interests need to be nurtured and developed during the schools years. Parents facilitate key activities such as the Ski Club, Math Club, Forensics, and Science Olympiad as coaches and leaders.

Student Activities

The school year would not be complete without those special memories including Senior All Night Party, Mother/Son Event, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Field Day, Fifth Grade Graduation Brunch, Eighth Grade Graduation Reception, and Senior Graduation Reception. Parent responsibilities include event planning and food preparation.

Social Activities

Parents can have some fun too. Events include our Freshman Launch, Fall Family Festival, Marist Ice Cream Socials, Irish Style Celebration (Oktoberfest), Fashion Show and our Spring Mother's Day Brunch. Oktoberfest is a Parent Only evening that allows us to get together and celebrate as a community the work and contributions put forth from our Super Raffle.  The other events are opportunities for both parents and students to get together and celebrate based on specific themes.  We offer many activities not listed here, so please contact a Parent Club representative for more details.

School Support

Many behind the scenes tasks are supported by the Parents Club including Advancement Clerical, Advertising, Family Directory, Hospitality, Open House, and Newsletter. Many different personal and professional talents are involved.

Community Outreach

The Parents Club holds events at some venues (bookstores for example) that allow students to showcase their works and talents while promoting the school and our brand name.  One example of this is wrapping books at a local bookstore during the Holiday Season while displaying works of art, performing music or showcasing theatrical skills.  Our Outreach programs tend to by dynamic and changing.  Please contact us, if interested in promoting new ideas.