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Marist Way

Doing the work of Mary

The Society of Mary is not meant to be content with imitating Mary. Marists have been given the divine mandate to be her presence to the Church today as she was present to the Church at its beginnings. We describe the Marist vocation this way: Marists are called to think, judge, feel and act like Mary in all things.

Students, faculty, parents and alumni are called to maintain a Marist community within Notre Dame by advancing the school’s mission: With God, we help to form Christian People, Upright Citizens, and Academic Scholars. This is accomplished in growth in prayer, community, learning, service, and vocation.

Marist Core Values

The Marist Way core values help all associated with Notre Dame to “be Marist" and live the Marist Way.

As a part of Marist Way formation at Notre Dame, the community explores a theme based in Marist values each year. There are four basic themes each containing virtues to be learned during the year.

Year I: Union with God

Any Christian person must first and foremost build a relationship with God through learning to trust in God and tasting God in the riches of daily life. It is in learning to be a community of believers who are of one heart and one mind and understanding that by God’s gracious choice we are called to be part this Marist family, that we are brought to the realization of God’s steadfast love.

Year II: Humility

The founder of the Marists, Fr. Jean-Claude Colin spoke frequently to Marists and students that humility (being comfortable in one’s own skin; self-acceptance) is key to becoming a good Christian person, an upright citizen, and an academic scholar. Learning the value of simplicitybeing hidden and unknownsaying no to greed, power and pride directs our thoughts and actions in a way the aligns with Mary while in Nazareth.

Year III: Ardent Love of Neighbor

A Marist Way of life is always oriented toward love of neighbor. We learn from the Early Church how to be instruments of God’s mercy, through hospitality and inclusiveness.

Year IV: Doing the Work of Mary

Marists learn from Mary how to be a disciple of Christ, looking to do what others cannot or would not do, with a missionary outlook and Marian face

The mission of the Marist Way is the formation and development of people in order that they understand what it means to be Marist. they must think as Mary, judge as Mary, feel and act as Mary in all things."

-- Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, s.m., Founder, Society of Mary