Scholarships and Financial Aid

There is no greater gift than the opportunity for a child to pursue their dreams. Our graduates will tell you they were prepared for college and beyond. Their success started here in the halls of Notre Dame. For some families, it has been a real investment to send their children to Notre Dame.

The coronavirus put the financial security of some families in jeopardy. One parent told us last spring the industry their small business serves will never be the same. Another father said his company has been shut down. The mother of a 12th grader wrote that her husband’s salary had been cut indefinitely. The list goes on and on.

Notre Dame is committed to keeping the cost of a Catholic education affordable to as many families as possible. Donors like you can help keep that promise. By making a contribution to the Financial Aid Fund, your gift will be pooled together with the generosity of others to offer financial assistance to families in need.

You can also establish an Annual Scholarship each year for a minimum of three years. It can be named for you or someone you cherish. Other donors are choosing to endow a scholarship to make a permanent impact on the lives of students.

Financial Aid Fund
A growing number of students attend Notre Dame because of the generosity of donors who contribute to this fund. While many current families have not been affected, some parents’ have asked how to keep their children enrolled. Your gift is pooled together and distributed to families in financial need.

Make your gift to support financial aid today.

Annual Scholarship
You can also name an Annual Scholarship with a gift of $2,500 or more. Donors who make gifts of cash or appreciated securities to the Financial Aid Fund for a minimum of three years may create a scholarship named for you or someone you cherish. A scholarship committee comprised of faculty and staff will identify the student(s) each spring. Awards are made at the beginning of the school year.

We ask you make a commitment of at least three years to provide continuity in the financial aid packages we offer students. During that time, the funds will go directly to a student in the lower, middle or upper school with demonstrated financial need or for academic achievement.

You will receive the name of your student scholar(s) each fall as well as a note from them during the school year.

If you would like to create an Annual Scholarship, please contact Mark Roberts, Vice President for Advancement, at 248-630-7720 or <>.

Endowed Scholarship
You can make a permanent impact on the lives of students at Notre Dame. By endowing a scholarship, a portion of the annual earnings from your fund are used each year. You may specify the criteria—for students with demonstrated financial need, for academic achievement, entering from a specific school or district, and so on.

You may fund your endowment with a single gift or multiple gifts spread over time. Donors may fund it with gifts of cash, appreciated securities, or IRA charitable rollovers. Once the endowment reaches the minimum threshold, it will be eligible for awarding in accordance with the policy set by the Board of Trustees. Should you prefer to have your scholarship awarded before this time, you may make an annual gift to fund the award.

The amount for each year’s award(s) is determined annually based on the School’s distribution policy as of December 31st. The current amount is 4.0% of the average fair market value of your fund during the last 36 months. In other words, a $50,000 endowed fund will provide a $2,000 scholarship. Actual payout distributions are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

If you would like more information about scholarships, please contact Mark Roberts, Vice President for Advancement, at 248-630-7720 or <>.